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Top 6 Fitness Trends To Achieve Your 2021 Health Goals

Any person will wish for good health and finances as a new year resolution. A year after the COVID-19 outburst, global citizens are adopting preventive measures such as vaccinations and work from home. However, the pandemic crisis is yet to calm down. Social distancing is making exercise and fitness challenging to pursue. Confidence in pursuing physical fitness in gyms is taking a beating. Studies on the fitness industry show 70% of gym-goers abandoning gym memberships after lockdown. Most of you want to get back into shape, but the mental eagerness of practicing in a fitness center is yet to show optimism. 

The fitness world hasn’t crashed. It is growing and transforming to adjust to the new normal in 2021. The home fitness market is exploding amongst active Americans. At-home fitness equipment and online fitness are emerging as the most dynamic ways of achieving wellness. More fitness changes are on the cards. Health experts are predicting a massive shift in fitness-gearing. Let us see the fitness trends already in place in 2021.

Virtual learning is a fitness blessing.  

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Learning Pilates or Ashtanga Yoga before the pandemic required one to do physical travel. Lockdown scenario has made virtual coaching the new learning mantra for fitness enthusiasts. This dynamic online fitness practice method is surpassing geographical boundaries, making trainers and students enjoy the fitness art. Virtual sessions are making learning easy, convenient, and less intimidating for entry-level fitness enthusiasts.

Virtual learners might feel awkward and uneasy learning fat burning and muscle building techniques. Supplements like Ostarine Canada are pharmaceutical-grade products to improve strength, endurance and heal several health conditions during athletic practice.

Wearable devices to embrace health.

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Many people are approaching fitness at a holistic level and not disjointedly. Technological devices are rapidly influencing health and fitness goals among youngsters and working professionals. Wrist-worn wearable devices are gaining popularity among urban consumers, and over 900 million people will wear this device by 2022.

A wearable device captures information about the wearers’ health. It also summarizes sleep habits, body temperature, heartbeat and gives customized recommendations. It is a virtual doctor-on-wrist that sends you fitness reminders and alarm bells. When you hate to get up from morning sleep, it will nudge you to get ready for your online fitness class. A wearable device is a smart asset for your health and fitness!

Home gyms for quick workouts.

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Celebrities to the average person are increasingly favoring the home gym concept. Everyday enthusiasts are investing in their fitness equipment to explore more freedom in practice. Fitness lovers are increasingly buying basic fitness gear like dumbbells, treadmills, cycles, foam rollers, and resistance bands. People who don’t have gym access and want to skip commuting to a gym will welcome the idea of a small and functional home gym for their fitness needs.

Home gym equipment before the pandemic was not so much of a craze. Fitness trainers recommend cardio, weight training, kettlebells for strength training, and cardiovascular health, a trend that will continue to rise this year. WFH pros can use their free time in the morning or evening by exercising in their home gym.

Outdoor workouts are the break you deserve. 

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Gym chains may have restarted their business, but it will take time to reach normalcy. Fitness learners want to get out of their closed and cramped home spaces and continue their outdoor fitness. Jogging, cycling, and functional movement are activities that have started amid social distancing.

Fresh air is necessary for optimum fitness. Break your home treadmill routine and step out on weekends for an hour minimum to practice your fitness itinerary. Even an uninterrupted brisk walk for an hour will help you sweat out to good health. Outdoor cycling and golf are sports activities that naturally depict social distancing. Schedule them in your weekly to-dos to get your much-needed outdoor break.                

Free Apps for seamless exercise with little equipment.

A home gym may require multiple fitness devices, but a lack of space may not fulfill your aim. You can get workout learning tips at-home by watching free YouTube videos. It is an inexpensive way to guide you in your workouts.

Some free exercise apps show you DIY fitness, nutrition, and wellness tips to stay in shape. GPS tracking and customized coaching enhance learning and output. You have the option to upgrade your learning to a pro-level at a fixed fee. Such apps use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to devise customized training for individuals. 

Shared Mind and Body Training to bridge the gap

Holistic fitness training is gaining grip. It has overall benefits and helps bridge the gap between physical and mental health. Post pandemic, more people are choosing combined training to benefit from physical fitness and mental relaxation.

The collective training approach reaches out to mass consumers to fulfill their physical and physiological health goals. 


The fitness industry has endured and survived the pandemic year. Now is the time to listen to your body’s fitness needs, embrace new fitness models, break limits and stereotypes and get back to physical and mental form. Fitness has a bright future. Restart it for active years ahead.