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Does Cannabis Reduces Headache Disorders

Anyone that struggles with headaches and constant migraines knows just how disturbing this can be. It interferes with the quality of life one lives and even hampers daily routine. It is not always possible to make plans with friends because migraines can kick in at any time, making you cancel them. Besides being socially distracting, the pain can sometimes be excruciating despite taking pain relievers. Fortunately, cannabis can be helpful to such people. Try out the different cannabis products until you find your best pick. After all, there is no harm in trying things out.  

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Using Cannabis to Treat Headaches is An Old Technique

Before rushing to get your Delta-8-THC benefits pack from the nearest shop, make sure to understand how this works. A little historical background may help. Regardless of how long cannabis remains illegal, studies show that its use for treating headaches and migraines started long ago. You can trace such treatments back to the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Different dosages were administered depending on the type of ache. In all cases, the study participants registered an improvement after using cannabis extracts for a given period. These early results show that using cannabis to treat headaches and migraines mainly showed positive results. It was so good in some cases that even after discontinuing the dose, none experienced the headaches from before. Some people had to use it frequently to minimize the attacks before eventually getting complete relief.

Inhaling Cannabis Reduces the Severity of Headaches

Science Daily’s report shows that inhaling cannabis reduces head pains that people report themselves by 47.3%. It also works on the severity of migraines, reducing them by about 49.6%. These are positive and encouraging results that will push you to try CBD when you suffer from chronic headaches. Patients who took part in the study tracked the symptoms before and after using CBD products. 

Generally, there was a significant improvement with migraines and headaches when CBD and other cannabinoids work to treat such pain. This suggests that cannabis can help relieve such pain when used consistently. It may be a great idea to discuss the need to include CBD as part of the treatment with your doctor. 

It is essential to know if the doctor has any dosage suggestions or warnings related to interaction with other medication. Even as you use CBD and cannabis in general, you must ensure that it is safe.

But What Form of Cannabis Works Best?

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While the general feel is that cannabis helps with headaches and migraines, there is still the question of which form works best. Users always have the option of using edibles, tinctures, oils, gummies, and even vapes. Colorado university conducted a study involving 121 participants with similar headache and migraine claims. Participants took cannabis every day, registering improved results over the month. Most of them said that the attacks reduced by half after the said period.

What’s more, different people used different strains, but this did not affect the results. However, there was a slight difference in experience between those who smoked and those who used edibles. Those who inhaled it experienced relief, while edibles did not work as effectively. It was also easy for those who smoked marijuana to control the amounts they consumed, not to mention that the adverse side effects were minimal.

Risks Involved

Like everything else, one should be wary about the pros and cons before committing themselves. While people emphasize the positive effects more, one may want to know if there are any downsides to using marijuana or cannabis for headaches? One of the major fears is addiction and dependence, not to mention other adverse effects linked to marijuana. 

However, contrary to such worries, general studies reveal more positive outcomes. Consistent use of cannabis to treat headaches seems to yield a 50% reduction in severity.

Additionally, it also does not trigger overuse of medication as previously feared. It is, therefore, safe to say that cannabis is an excellent remedy for headaches and migraines. Patients will not only feel better but also experience an overall life improvement.

Can CBD Oil Help?

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CBD oil can work on relieving headaches and migraines because it contains over 100 cannabinoids. What’s more, CBD generally helps ease the pain because it works on specific brain receptors that control pain. Different researches link the use of CBD to several effects that include pain relief,  reduction of inflammation, nausea relief, and anticonvulsant, among others. With such products already known, it is easy to see why CBD and cannabis, in general, is an excellent relief for pain and headaches in particular.

Reviews further back up the possibilities of cannabis being effective in treating migraines. However, it is essential to carry out further studies in this sector to ascertain if extracts such as CBD oil can be equally helpful.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis comes with a lot of benefits ranging from mental health gains to physical improvements. Most users prefer using it because of the generally positive impact it has on their wellness. Others go for it because it makes it easy for them to manage pain associated with chronic conditions such as cancer. Different people have varied motivations as to why they trust CBD to work for them. While it is possible to come across numerous positive testimonials, run these by your doctor and discuss the possibility of including them to manage your migraine situation. The bottom line is to be safe even as you explore alternative treatment options. Consult as much as you need to before committing.