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What Report Shows Which Types of Mobile Devices Visited a Website?

The global online traffic is primarily driven by smartphone devices. Over half of all website traffic was generated from smartphone devices, nearly 54.8 percent of the time. 

Infrastructural limitations and financial constraints, A number of fast-growing digital markets abandoned the computer internet stage completely as more and more people move to mobile internet devices such as smartphones and tablets. India is a striking example of a country that has an abundant and growing digital consumer based on smartphones.

As a consequential increase of web traffic majorly from mobile devices, any website or application owner definitely wants a stats of this traffic and want to see a report to see, for instance, which type of mobile devices visited their website or what kind of brand devices majorly generating more traffic and other lots of things from the reports. So, if you are the owner of the website too and want to see a report showing which types of mobile devices visited a website, read below to know more on this.

Google Analytics Smartphone Traffic Report

If you want to know how many of your users are on mobile devices, Google Analytics can provide straightforward, inexpensive results. You can check how many of your viewers are accessing your site via smartphone devices by taking a look at this statistic. In the Google analytics menu, click Audience, then follow that by choosing Mobile. Click the Overview tab to get a summary, which tells you how many people are coming from various devices (smartphones, tablets).

Go in Audience >> Mobile >> Overview

Here you also can examine the types of devices and browsers your site users usually use, as well as screen sizes.

Note: These stats and reports will only show if your website is connected with google analytics through google analytics code.

Google Analytics is one of the tools provided by Google to site owners, however, google is just a part of the World Wide Web and it is so spread than our thoughts. You can do various things on WWW but there are major 10 uses of the world wide web that you can know from the internet.

Types Of Mobile Devices Visited A Website

Your website also shows what types of smartphone or tablet visitors used when accessing your site in the device section. When testing new functionality or features for your website, you can use this to determine the best type of device to use.

You can do so by visiting Audience>>Mobile>>Devices

Knowing Which Operating System People Were Using Is Even More Helpful.

Google Analytics combines mobile devices and tablets when you select Devices from the Mobile drop-down menu. The Mobile Device Info view is set as the standard display for Smartphone Devices. You can also choose to view data according to other important factors, such as Service Provider.

The volume of Apple device branding reports can overwhelm the type of device branding report. However, this may vary from country to country.

Finding patterns in your website’s metrics is one of the benefits of this report – Do some types of devices have higher order values than others? Is there a problem with certain brands of devices? Having a clear understanding of your users is also important.

Input Selector For Mobile Devices

Using a touchscreen device, a click wheel, a stylus, or a joystick, you’ll see how mobile users can navigate your website’s content on mobile.

Kind Of Operating System Used By Different Kind Of Devices

As with Operating Systems, this report is only for mobile devices but with the same information as under Technology. There are a variety of operating systems available, but you’re most likely to find the two major players (iOS, Android).

The functionality of your website is checked using this report across the range of operating systems. It is possible to gauge whether or not there might be a technology problem by detecting very high bounce rates (though it is not a particularly reliable metric). With high levels of traffic on operating systems, we should also be able to get a consistent conversion rate.

Resolution of the screen

If you choose another and then select Screen Resolution, you will be able to view the final report. It is illuminating to see that this report outlines such a wide range of resolutions. Providing your web developers with information about the resolutions your website will be viewed in will allow them to ensure that quality is maintained on any platform.


These reports give you the ability to compare revenue and new visitors so you can understand how the two are related. A user acquisition statistic shows how numerous of the users you gain from one phone type convert to the same device type on subsequent visits.

A user acquisition statistic shows how numerous of the users you gain from a particular phone convert to the specific model of phone on subsequent visits, Which mobile device category does the user converts on most often, and the number of conversions that do not occur at all.