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Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi: Rise to Success


Today, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi is the CEO and founder of one of Brazil’s biggest engineering and construction companies, Sial Engenharia. However, the man himself had humble beginnings. Born in Paranavai in 1962, Rossi’s father was a truck driver, while his mother was a teacher. Rossi grew up with four other siblings, all brothers. He moved to Maringa upon completion of his studies, where he started working as a clerk at Banco Bradesco. It was here that Rossi met his future wife, to whom he got married at 27 years old in 1987. The couple now has three children: Pedro Henrique, Afonso, and Maria. 

His company, Sial Engenharia has made great contributions to the economy of Brazil. The uplift of community has been a part of Rossi and his family, from his early childhood. Despite a humble background, his family was appreciated for the contributions it made to its local community. In 1970, Grupo Escolar Alves honoured his mother for her contributions to the local community by changing their name to Grupo Escolar Professora Adelia Rossi Arnaldi. While his grandfather, Seu Domingos, was considered to be a pioneer entrepreneur, who had set the tone for economic growth by being the first to set up an ice-cream shop in his local community. 

Success with Sial Engenharia

The inspiration for his company came from the early years of his career, as Rossi had worked for various construction and engineering companies. This experience was vital in giving him the experience necessary to start a construction company of his own some years down the line. He had worked on enough large-scale construction projects to start his own construction company. In the 1990s, determined to start a company that he could call his own, Rossi moved with his family to Cascavel. It was here that he launched a civil construction company in November 1991. Back then, the company that is now known as Sial Engenharia was known as Sial Construcoes Civis. It was with this company that Rossi entered working for the public works sector. 

The first projects that Sial did only included small contracts for sanitation in local communities. This was, however, enough for Rossi and his new company to earn a positive reputation in the community. Given the commitment of Rossi, the company continued its steady rise. A key role in the steady rise of the company was its commitment to unparalleled quality and acute focus on growth and customer satisfaction. Slowly, the company started to get larger contracts. 

The transition towards larger contracts was attributable to Rossi’s networking efforts. He quickly started to develop meaningful relationships with various leaders in the industry, government officials, and other elected officials in the community. Only a few years had passed when the company started to win projects for public housing, mobility, and security, in addition to the sanitation projects it had already been fielding. The company also started to build detention centres, hospitals and other public-use amenities. Sial’s reputation grew nationally as it became recognized for uplifting local communities, by providing them with long-term job growth and paving the way for local economic growth. 

With the company’s continued expansion, its headquarters were soon shifted to Curitiba, ten years after the company had first opened its door for business. Its name was also changed from Sial Construcoes to Sial Construcoes & Engenharia. This name accurately represented the company as it stood then, a one-stop solution for its clients since it could now handle all aspects of the development of a project. As of 2017, the company is now simply known as Sial Engenharia.

Public Service

While managing Sial, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi realized that successful collaboration was required between multiple platforms, without which ensuring results was not possible. Rossi wanted to play a role in how these platforms carried out their work. Hoping to bring about a positive change in these organizations, he began to invest his time in leadership roles in various organizations. 

In 2000, he secured his first leadership role as the President of the Union of the Construction Industry of the West of Parana. Rossi held this position for one year. Two years later, Rossi was elected as the President of the State Chamber of Civil Construction. This position was also held for one year. In the capacity of President for both of these organizations, Rossi had a holistic overview of the civil construction industry. This is why these positions proved to be a great learning experience for him. Not only was he able to apply his knowledge of civil construction to do justice to the roles, but he also defended the evolution of the industry in Brazil. 

Realizing that he had the potential for public service roles and people trusted him, he proceeded to pursue bigger roles. In 2012, he served as the Treasurer of the State Party for the Social Democratic Party. His big win came in 2018, when he ran for elections as the Federal Deputy of the State of Parana, appearing as a candidate for the Party of National Mobilization. This was a huge win for Rossi’s and his supporters, as he managed to secure an extraordinary thirty-five thousand votes. 

Despite being occupied in various public service roles, Rossi’s attention towards Sial Engenharia has never faltered. He has remained an active participant in all of Sial’s daily operations, and maintained a close eye on how it is run. 

Entry into the Real Estate Market

Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi now vies to play a part in the modernization of Brazil’s real estate agency. To achieve this, he launched two companies, The Laguardia Empreendimentos and Massape Constructoes. Rossi’s companies are now involved in the real estate industry, focusing on real estate development projects in the private real estate sector. The nascent companies have already started to play a positive role in the recent growth of Brazil’s GDP by growing contributions through civil construction and the boom in the country’s real estate development. 


From his early days in Paranavai, Rossi has come a long way. His life is full of remarkable achievements. He started his own company, won public office, and then went on to start two more companies. What stands out about Rossi’s life is his commitment to public service and his willingness to give back to the community that he works in. It is because of these ideals that he has been able to attain the success that he has garnered.