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Use Chafing Cream For Men

Shaving your balls can be a great way to keep yourself looking and smelling good. However, as with shaving your face, it comes with some side effects. The main side effect that a lot of people struggle with is chafing.

What Is Chafing?

Chafing is a very common skin problem that gets exacerbated when you shave. It’s caused by a combination of moisture and friction. You are very much likely to develop chafing if you shave your balls because it frees up the skin to rub against your thighs. Also, you can develop chafing specifically from shaving too. 

How To Curb Chafing?

1. Use Chafing Cream For Men

One of the best ways to limit the amount of chafing you experience when you shave is by using chafing cream for men. Chafing cream is excellent for curbing a lot of the chafing you might otherwise experience because it’s hydrating and non-irritating. It also helps to soften your skin and most importantly reduce friction. After all, when your skin is smooth and moisturized, it’s not going to rub against your thighs with too much friction. It will glide across which can reduce chafing and other irritation. Using the right lotion is key. You want to use chafing cream that has all-natural ingredients and one that is free from irritation-inducing fragrances. is a company that is dedicated to making the highest quality male grooming products and they have a lotion specially designed for your balls. It can help to restore your skin’s natural protective barrier and reduce irritation at the same time.

2. Use The Right Trimmer

One of the major mistakes a lot of men make when they are looking to shave their balls is using a regular shaver or even a beard trimmer. Both of these mistakes are ones you will want to avoid. Using the right trimmer can keep you from experiencing painful and annoying chafing. You don’t want to use a regular shaver because it could cut or knick your balls. The skin on your balls is very thin. Therefore, it’s much more susceptible to getting cuts than the skin on your chin. It wasn’t designed to be used on your balls. Neither was your beard trimmer. Don’t attempt to use your beard trimmer on your balls. Not only is it unsanitary, but it’s more likely to result in cuts and even ingrown hairs. These trimmers don’t have a special design meant to perfectly trim your balls. You want to get a trimmer that was designed for precise trimming of your balls. offers their unique Balls trimmer that delivers 6,200 RPM which is the perfect motor for precise and safe trimming of your balls. This can reduce the friction and irritation you experience throughout the trimming process. Getting the package deal is even better as it includes lotion which can be used as chafing cream for men.

Why Is Ball Trimmer Good For Preventing Chafing?

– It’s Waterproof

One of the standout features of the trimmer is the fact that it’s waterproof. This means you can use it while in the shower. When you shave with steam, it makes it much easier to trim your bush. When you’re in steam or a hot shower, your pores open. This allows you to shave with less irritation from the start.

– Better Control

Balls is a brand that knows how to design an optimal ball trimmer. This trimmer features an extra-long handle to ensure you are in complete control when shaving and trimming. You don’t have to worry about not being able to reach a specific area. This is a big problem with a lot of the trimmers in the marketplace. Not having a long enough handle can make things very difficult. 

– Quality Blades

Another problem that can lead to a trimmer causing irritation and chafing is having poor-quality blades. This can result in snagging and pulling. You want a trimmer that has quality blades that are going to cut smooth. has done a good job of using precision ceramic blades that will get the job done much better than the steel blades you’ll find on other trimmers.

– SackSafe Guard

This guard ensures that you won’t snag your ballsack accidentally. The skin on your ballsack is not only thin, but it’s stretchy and uneven. Because of this, you need a guard in place to avoid having it get caught in the blades. This is something you won’t get in a regular trimmer that’s meant for trimming your beard.

At the end of the day, has delivered one of the best ball trimmers for men. Not only do they also have a lotion that you can use as chafing cream for men, but the trimmer itself is the total package. It’s exactly what you would want in a ball trimmer. It’s got the handle, durability, and performance that make it the single best product you can get for your grooming needs.