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The Path 365 Companion Blog

In addition to the beautiful collection that is The Path 365, author Suzie Newell, along with the Gnostic Sentries, have developed a companion blog to enhance and supplement the insights provided in the book. On the companion website, there are various sections detailing additional references and reading to supplement the information included in the book. There’s also a link to a virtual peer support group for mom’s and/or women getting sober; Suzie originally began The Path 365 as a means to deliver coping mechanisms for women struggling with addiction. Keeping true to her original intention, Suzie offers users a virtual network and safe space, along with words of wisdom for women dealing with addiction.

The Path 365 Blog

The Path 365 blog delivers supplemental messages to the insights found in the book. It’s not a traditional blog in sense that you’ll be sifting through tons of blog articles to find something relevant to you and your situation. The blog features video messages on various topics from Suzie herself. These videos act as an addendum to the directions and intentions from The Path 365. The videos aren’t very long, averaging less than 5 minutes per video, but the content is meaningful, insightful, and thought-provoking. Suzie does a beautiful job delivering these messages in a heartfelt and honest way; you feel like she’s speaking to you and only you. Certain videos directly relate and reference back to The Path 365, namely ‘Get your GRACE on’ and ‘Happiness = Gratitude’. Through these ‘vlogs’, Suzie delivers powerful insights and words to help you gain a new perspective.

Creating a (Mental) Space to Enhance Your Well-Being

Now more than ever, the importance of mental health cannot be understated. Bringing together mind, body, and spirit, and further, aligning these aspects of our overall well-being with self-love, will serve to enhance our lives. Suzie proves that a down to earth approach to bettering yourself oftentimes begins on the inside; taking the time to truly and thoughtfully evaluate our thoughts, feelings, and lives as a whole will help us to gain new perspectives and develop a healthier way to relate to the world around us. Choosing paths and directions that put self-love first will vastly improve our overall well-being. Suzie challenges readers and watchers alike to be brutally honest with themselves to uncover what may be holding them back. She also urges readers to silence the voice in your head that isn’t serving you or helping you become the best version of yourself that you can be.

The Path begins with compassion; being kind to yourself first will help you as you help others. Suzie does a beautiful job demystifying the myth that it’s selfish to put yourself first. Acting in a way that promotes self-love and self-worth first isn’t selfish, it’s healthy. Suzie stresses that The Path 365 (and any supplemental works, for that matter) are thoughtfully-designed to balance compassion with work. Challenging the way you see the world (by truthfully answering and evaluating your thoughts and feelings), will help everyone reclaim their health and well-being. Find your copy on Amazon now