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Topping Cannabis for Beginners

Topping cannabis plants - image powered by Weedmaps

‘I Love Growing Marijuana’ is a great site for acquiring knowledge and tools necessary for growing and maintaining marijuana and cannabis plants. Not only can you find the full ins and outs of growing a healthy crop from start to finish, but you can also get the best advice on how to harvest plants after flowering. You can also find information on topping from this article on topping cannabis for beginners. The article will go into fine detail on why, when, and how to top cannabis plants. 

Topping is a straightforward process, but if done wrong can cause severe damage to a once healthy plant, so it is important if you are growing your own plant that you know how and when it is best to do so. Topping is simply removing new shoots from the plant as they develop. This enables room for two new buds to develop instead of one. As this process is repeated across the plant, it results in a lower and wider plant than if you didn’t top as it developed. As the plant widens it becomes better at absorbing light for stronger and more efficient growth. 

The guide to topping marijuana plants covers the step by step process, starting with selecting the shoot. The shoot that is to be removed is always the latest one to develop. The one that grew most recently. This shoot is cut off quite simply, either with fine scissors or even with your bare hands if you’ve got a delicate touch. Once the new shoot has been removed the plant should be left, and given time to develop as buds will begin to form. It is important that when topping the plants only the newly developed shoots are removed as it minimizes the damage to the plant, allowing it to recover sooner and continue to grow once recovered. If excess shoots are removed the plant may not recover efficiently enough and this could result in the plant not producing enough healthy buds or not producing anything at all and eventually dying out before flowering. 

The reason people choose topping when growing marijuana plants is for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you have limited space when growing a plant, it allows for growing a strong and healthy plant as the plant won’t grow too high. Sativas in particular are known to grow very tall, very quickly. Topping will not only slow down the growth in height but also widen the plant and ensure the plant sustains a healthy and vibrant amount of produce. Another reason for topping is a simple fact that topping creates a wider range of buds developed across the plants. The buds aren’t as big for sure, but because they grow across different spaces of the plant, they are more likely to develop successfully and are less at risk to bud rot. 

For a more in-depth look into the topping of marijuana plants and the purposes and benefits of doing so, check out the article on the ‘I Love Growing Marijuana’ website. The article covers everything from how to top, to why and when to top your plants.