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Three Top Tips for Landing a Leadership Role at Work

If you’ve been working in your current job role for a while, you might be considering trying to make a move up into a management position. A leadership role generally brings many benefits, including greater levels of autonomy, more decision-making power, and a larger salary. However, getting such a promotion is often easier said than done. So how do you give yourself the best chance of landing a leadership role? Read on for three top tips.

1. Boost your skills and qualifications

One of the most obvious actions you can take to improve your chances of being promoted is to work on your job skills. Taking a professional qualification is a fantastic choice in this regard because you not only boost your skills, but you receive official recognition for doing so. There are a huge variety of certificates to choose from, including many that you can take virtually and therefore easily complete alongside your existing job obligations. For example, the Women in Leadership Online Certificate Kelley Business School is ideal for female employees intending to move into a management role. A good tactic is to list all the skills required for the sort of leadership position you wish to have, then do an honest assessment of how you currently measure up. This will show you which areas you need to work on and help you to make an appropriate development plan.

2. Find a mentor

Another excellent way to help you move into a leadership role is to find a mentor to work with. This should be someone who is already working in the sort of position you are hoping to get and who you can also bond with on a personal level. It might take a few tries to find the right fit, but it’s well worth persevering because having a good mentor is priceless. Don’t be shy about reaching out to people – they will most likely be flattered that you’ve asked, even if they say no. People are generally happy to help others, so try offering to buy someone a coffee in exchange for a meeting. You can approach people at industry events or make contact online. Just remember to always be positive and polite!

3. Seize every opportunity

Life is what we make of it, so be sure to take every opportunity that comes your way – and seek out those that don’t. For example, this could be by taking on small, voluntary leadership roles in your current job or your wider community. These can be valuable ways to boost your skills and experience and show your employer that you are serious about furthering your career. Another helpful tactic is to always ask for feedback where appropriate. Constructive criticism can give you a useful outside perspective on your strengths and weaknesses and help you to work out where improvements can be made. Finally, if you see a leadership role being advertised that you’re interested in, go for it! Even if you aren’t offered the position, going through the hiring process can be extremely helpful for next time.