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Stock Market Expert Samuel Leach’s Approach To Coronavirus Spread

Through his namesake company, Samuel & Co. Trading, Founder and CEO Samuel Leach teaches eager traders how to spot trends, patterns, and behaviors that can be analyzed to minimize trading risk, garner fruitful returns, and implement successful action plans. Through the utilization of his risk-minimizing tactics, Leach extends his breadth of success to his protégés, teaching his bespoke methods to others. By following his intrinsically analytical mind, Leach has been able to garner success through accurate predictions, effective planning, and insightful risk mitigation.

Throughout his extensive involvement within global stock markets, Leach has also garnered a deep understanding of the impact created by global events, business decisions, and other interconnected considerations. From national changes like the announcements of Brexit, to corporate crises that have spearheaded market crashes, Leach has gained first-hand experience projecting the outcomes of various global changes. As an expert predicting the outcomes of global changes, Leach has implemented his bespoke analysis tools to accurately predict the destructive path of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Vocal about his predictions for transmission rates, Leach previously reported that the behavioral patterns of some social groups would lead to rapid increases of new cases of COVID-19. In Italy, the hyper-social smoking behaviors of individuals, particularly men, would lead to the country’s heightened increase in COVID-19 deaths. As Leach surmised, not only did these social practices increase the risk of the spread of Coronavirus, the act of smoking left participants with compromised lung functioning, further exacerbating the risk of mortality for these populations. As Italy’s rate of mortality grew, Leach’s predictions were unfortunately proven to be true.

In considering mortality rates, Leach also garnered accurate predictions by considering the rates of populations of older adults. Though Coronavirus has impacted populations of all ages, rates of mortality have hit elderly adults the hardest. Thus, when considering overall average population age, Leach surmised that Japan and Italy would see the highest rates of mortality, due to the prevalence of older adult populations. Unfortunately, these predictions proved to be true as well.

In light of China’s recent decision to lift the government-issued isolation policy in China’s Hubei Province, Leach has utilized his unique assortment of tactics, bespoke methods, and algorithms, to try to effectively predict the possible outcomes of this landmark decision. With the ban on normal socialization lifted, China’s timeline can serve as a benchmark for what other nations can expect, in terms of length of isolation. According to Leach’s predictions, it would be rational to expect government-mandated isolation periods of between 2 to 3 months.

In a worrisome trend, Leach also fears the possibility of a resurgence of Coronavirus following the lift of quarantine. As Leach has stated, social distancing restrictions in China have become increasingly more relaxed since March 8th. Not coincidentally, there has also been a spiked increase in the numbers of new Coronavirus cases on a daily basis since this date. According to Leach, this can be indicative of a potentially imminent “second wave” of Coronavirus, which will be manifested shortly after the isolation ban is lifted. Leach will be closely watching this potentially crucial change, and will utilize the inaugural data from China’s response to the lifting of the ban as precedence throughout the remainder of the world.

About Samuel Leach

Samuel Leach is an experienced stock market trader, leading expert and educator on trading strategy. He is an Influencer, YouTuber, and avid personality in the realm of market trading, education, and championing the success of professional traders. While Leach remains a professional trader, he is also the Founder and CEO of Samuel & Co. Trading, a leading vehicle for fledgling traders to successfully enter the professional realm of stock market trading. Inspiring countless peers through his success, Leach recently published a tell-all guide to his successes, aptly titled “The Formula for Success: How to Win at Life Using Your Own Personal Algorithm”.

Inspired to become a professional stock market trader throughout college, the University of Hertfordshire student spent all of his free time learning the nuances of successful trading. Practicing real-world trades on paper, Leach prepared his entry into trading prior to securing the initial £2,000 educational stipend that would signify his foray into the field. By conducting immensely successful trades throughout his initial year within the markets, Leach’s portfolio swiftly became valued at £178,000. From there, his personal trading successes continued to grow, benchmarked by Leach’s unique focus on patterns, algorithms, and behaviors that can be replicated in similar settings.

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