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Repton International Schools Signs Partnership Contract for Repton

A new addition to Repton’s network of schools and pre-schools.

As schools kickstart their phased re-openings, Repton International Schools Ltd (RISL) has announced a new partnership with CES Repmal, a subsidiary of the Singapore-listed Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd (CES). The collaboration agreement establishes the newest school in Repton’s network of prestigious academic institutions around the world. The news follows CES’ December 2019 announcement of their acquisition of the Excelsior International School.

The partnership will see RISL and CES Repmal rebrand the Excelsior International School as a Repton SchoolBased in thriving Johor Bahru, the schoolwill open to children age 3-18 (K1-Year 12) this month. The school has undergone extensive refurbishment and COVID-19 protection, and staff are now ready to welcome the 2020 intake – the first pupils to enjoy the excellent facilities and teaching experiences that Repton has to offer.

Repton’s Schools and Kindergartens Around the World

The partnership isn’t Repton International Schools’ first collaboration. RISL signed an agreement with another CES subsidiary in April 2018, collating a chain of international kindergartens under the Repton name. RISL has since launched two Repton Kindergartens in Singapore and has additional contracts in place for schools in China, Bulgaria, and Egypt. Having already established excellent international schools in Dubai, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi, Repton is well-positioned to expand its collection of excellent educational institutions.

‘This is a significant landmark in Repton’s long history,’ says Sir Henry Every, Chairman of RISL. ‘We already have well-established links to the region through the Repton Kindergartens in Singapore and have flourishing partnerships elsewhere across the globe. We look forward to working closely with our partners in Malaysia to ensure this new school embodies the education and culture of Repton UK.’

Modelled on Repton School UK

Repton International Schools Ltd has modelled its educational systems on Repton UK’s high-level curricula. Repton’s international success is representative of the quality and effectiveness of the educational success that Repton UK has nurtured over past decades. Founded in 1557 and nestled in the Derbyshire countryside, Repton School UK has offered centuries’ worth of outstanding education. The co-educational independent boarding school supports pupils age 3-18 through a fully rounded education that equally prioritises academic, vocational, and emotional development.

Repton UK has an extensive history of pupils, who have accomplished outstanding exam results, academic achievements, and practical successes. Following the release of this year’s exam results, all Oxbridge candidates and pupils who have opted to study Medicine and Veterinary Science have secured their university places, despite the COVID-19 crisis.

Repton’s schools teach pupils how to be globally aware and internationally minded, as well as intellectually curious, spiritually alive, and culturally informed. Repton aims for its pupils to be continuously aware of their social, political, and environmental surroundings and committed to achieving their best in all aspects of their lives.

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The new school is committed to enabling the best opportunities for its pupils. The school follows the English national curriculum, GCSE and iGCSE programmes, IB Diploma, and A Level programmes to ensure the utmost quality when it comes to academic qualifications.

Repton pastoral programme in Malaysia also follows the tried and tested frameworks laid out by Repton UK, covering topics such as stress-free exam preparation, career guidance, and mentorship opportunities. The school’s experienced teaching staff are dedicated to shaping happy, healthy lifestyles for every pupil. Ensuring each child’s wellbeing and safety is the primary responsibility of every staff member, from teachers, senior leaders, year heads, and teaching assistants to medical staff, counsellors, and administration teams.

The ‘house’ system at Repton is an essential part of the school’s pastoral care provision, designed to create a sense of belonging for each pupil. Every house partakes in a host of competitive activities throughout the academic year, such as sports, debates, art events, and musical performances, all designed to involve pupils in team-building exercises and share happy memories. Repton School’s houses are twinned with the UK and United Arab Emirates houses, comprising Orchard, Brook, Fry, and Latham. Each house’s pupils and staff get together regularly to share duties on a rota basis, prepare for events, and catch up with friends.

Repton School’s 20-acre campus offers state of the art facilities, including Olympic-sized swimming pools and tennis courts, as well as ergonomic classrooms and laboratories for a vast range of traditional and modern subjects. The facilities are nestled within a scenic forest landscape and guarantee the highest-quality amenities for pupils.

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