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5 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Door Repair Company

There are times when you come back home and push the button to your garage door only to find out that it isn’t working? Or you woke up on a Sunday morning and fixed yourself some breakfast to eat at the front patio but you realized that the sliding door opening up in your backyard isn’t working properly? Maybe the front door of your home is making a freakish squeaky sound or it is damaged and not opening completely. 

Such incidents can take place with any of us at any point in time. 

When that happens the only best solution that we can come up with is to call a door repair company. 

If you’re located in Rochester and you have planned on calling a professional door repair Rochester NY company to help you resolve a non-working door problem, you wonder what important questions to ask.

Here are 5 important questions which you must ask before hiring any door repair company in the US. 

Are Your Door Repair Service Specialists Certified? 

So before you go ahead hiring a professional door repair specialist to perform a repair job, make sure to ask if the service specialist is certified to perform the job or not. When you talk about certification, it is essential that when the door company sends an individual to your home or office premises to fix your door they may come with a identification document. If the technician you’re about to hire participates in ongoing training activities, then it is pretty evident that he is capable of fixing your door easily. 

Can They Provide Any Valuable References from Previous Jobs? 

References play a vital role and if your door repair company can provide you with some, they are quite the legitimate company to hire. A professional door company will always have promising customers who would never mind to share their prior experience with the company. One way is to directly ask the customer representative of the company so they can provide you with a list of contacts who can approve of their service. The other way is to search about the business on the Internet and check out reviews. 

Are the Company Specialists Bonded & Insured? 

Some doors are heavy such as the garage doors. An average garage door can weigh up to 1,000 pounds or even more. So when installing them, there’s a significant chance that your door repair specialist can cause himself some serious injury if proper care is not exercised. Therefore, when installing a garage door or any other kind of door, it is essential that the company which you’re about to hire covers their insurance. So just in case, if an incident takes place, the company may take full responsibility for injuries. 

How Long Have You Been in the Business? 

Almost every industry in which you’re working has a high turnover rate and there’s a lot of competition in the field. This indicates that if there is any new company that you might want to hire for the service, it may come up as a business risk. So just in case, if you might end up getting serviced by such a company and later on down the road, the company shuts down, then there won’t be a possible way to recourse. Hence, it is always advised that when you hire a door repair company, make sure to check its operational years. 

Does the Company Offer any Warranties and Maintenance Plans? 

Lastly, check if the door repair company which you’re about to hire offers any money back warranties. This part is essential to address because identifying whether your company comes with a warranty helps you confirm that the company is legitimate. On the other hand, you will also get the perfect peace of mind that the company comes with a money back warranty so just in case, if any of their service fails to meet the requirement, you can always call them back to come and provide you with the same service for free. 

So there you go, here are the 5 important questions which I believe are important to address before hiring a particular door repair company. Are there any other questions which you believe are equally essential? 

Feel free to share them with us.