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QNET Parent Company, QI Group, Recognizes Employee Culture Practices with HR Asia Award Win

Hong Kong-based QI Group was recently awarded HR Asia’s “Best Companies to Work For in 2019” Award. The triumph successfully continues a 6 year-long winning streak for the corporation. The QI Group is the parent company of QNET, a direct selling business that is also notably acknowledged in the e-commerce world. QNET’s employees make up a majority of its workforce in Hong Kong, where the corporate headquarters are located. This year, QNET accepted the award on behalf of the group. “This award is a testament to our Founders who have inculcated the core values of integrity, sustainability, leadership and service which reflects in our people practices,” QNET CEO Malou Caluza remarked on the victory.

HR Asia is a well-respected regional publisher in the human resources industry. To earn the distinguished honor of an HR Asia award, companies must demonstrate practices that achieve efficiency in the betterment of employees’ well being. This year, over 200 entries were received for the award, spanning 12 different industries across the region. QI Group was selected by a diverse panel of judges for its excellence in workplace culture, talent development, and employee engagement. These qualities are at the center of QI Group’s mission. QNET CEO Caluza also spoke of employee equality in her acceptance speech on behalf of the QI Group.

“We are proud of our diverse and inclusive work culture which is made of 46% women, many of who serve in senior positions,” she stated. “Many of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years,” reflecting low turnover rates and high moral. “We encourage an open and transparent work environment where employees are empowered to take initiatives and ask questions,” said Caluza of the company’s vision for their employees. Caluza elaborated on this, emphasizing their intention to “invest in our people”. The company does so through specialized training and developmental programs for professional and personal growth skills. They also facilitate mentoring and coaching relationships within varying position levels inside the company. The QI Group’s ultimate HR goal is to “encourage employees to realize their full potential.”

A celebrated initiative they created, referred to as “RYTHM”, is an example of this commitment to investing in their employees. The name is an acronym for “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind”, intending to spark personal ambition. Through QI Group and its subsidiaries, this program fosters a volunteer culture within the workplace. Employees are encouraged to pledge a minimum of 16 volunteer hours per year, in various charitable organizations that directly impact the local community.

Since the COVID-19 crisis has inflicted new procedures to ensure the safety of everyone, QI Group has adapted the ways they contribute to society. In response to the pandemic, the group utilized their subsidiaries’ mobilized partners in 20 countries to assist communities most affected. They were able to provide essential hygiene packs to the underprivileged- containing hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and protective face masks. When employees began to transition into work from home scenarios, some used their extra time to hand-make items to sell. The proceeds were then donated to children with special needs.

The QI Group also employs interns with special needs and contributes to related educational programs in Hong Kong. This is just one example of the commitment the company holds in regard to workplace culture.

Under QI Group’s leadership, QNET has also shown great accomplishments that have been recognized with awards. They were recently awarded the Bronze prize for “Innovation in Sponsorships”, by the 2020 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards. The win was credited to QNET’s successful partnership with the Manchester City Football Club. Through this sponsorship, the influential organizations have been able to impact the youth football community- most notably with a two-week training camp at Eithad Stadium in the United Kingdom. The camp brought underprivileged youth from different countries to meet with players, develop their English skills, and get a behind the scenes look at the world of football.

The QI Group has successfully created the workplace environment they have strived for, and this award is evidence of that success. The values this accolade commends are reflected in all aspects of the group and their subsidies. Upon receiving this recognition, the QI Group hopes to serve as a leading example of these proven processes.