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Kevin Seawright: Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer, Baltimore Community Advocate

We recently came across an article about Kevin Seawright, founder of  RPS Solutions LLC, explaining why he believes it is only “natural that [his] company would take their time over the holiday season to ensure others would be happy.” In the article, speaking about partnering with Christ Haven Church in Philadelphia to organize a community Christmas toy drive, Seawright said, “Epitomizing the company’s core values of respect, justice, and quality, we have always felt it was important to help raise the self-esteem and dignity of people everywhere, no matter their situation.”

It did not take much research to learn that while Kevin Seawright spends his work hours helping clients with asset management and real estate development advice, his company’s core values mirror his personal vision. His greatest rewards, in business and off-the-clock, seem to come from the personal investment he makes in helping first-time buyers secure home financing and making sure that the underserved are not forgotten.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kevin Seawright, and RPS Solutions LLC, this article will highlight the biggest real estate deals he facilitated since founding the company in 2015.

Before establishing RPS, Kevin Seawright administrated more than $50 million as the CFO for one of Maryland’s largest Departments of Recreation and Parks. During his tenure, he successfully shaved more than $6 million from the Department’s budget in a single year. Although he had a successful public career managing local, state, and federal funds, his passion was to improve school and neighborhood opportunities for low and middle-income earnings in Baltimore.

After more than a decade working in the public service sector, he took his experience and relationships formed while working in Baltimore and Washington, DC, and began building a portfolio of properties suitable for rehabilitation and conversion into affordable housing solutions.

Helping Reclaim Neighborhood Assets: Four Big Deals For Local Home Buyers

One of his first big deals after founding RPS Solutions was facilitating a contract for a first-time buyer who worked for the Baltimore City Housing Department, Jerel Brown. Kevin and Jerel had a prior relationship since Kevin worked with Jerel’s mother and started mentoring the young man when he was about 10 years old.

The home renovation project and purchase Kevin and Jerel navigated together was a part of the City’s renewal program, where funding is available to renew vacant and distressed homes in certain parts of the city experiencing a decline. Working alongside Jerel, Keven helped him secure financing and ultimately move into his first home.

Jerel told reporters at the time that he was surprised to be the owner of such a beautiful, modern home. He said it was hard to find an affordable house on his budget, but after the deal was finished he said that he, “[W]as ecstatic for the opportunity to own my first home and have it look like homes you witness in magazines.”

For Kevin Seawright, it is deals like this that make the hard work of negotiating contracts, vetting remodeling experts, and onboarding external financing partners worth it. Hearing him describe his experiences it sounds like accompanying first-time homeowners on their first walk-through after the closing is like witnessing lifelong dreams come true before your very eyes.

Skip forward to May 2018 for another project that helped another first-time homeowner get a freshly, restored house. In keeping with the vision of acquiring, renovating, and making affordable housing solutions in Baltimore County, Maryland available to low and middle-income earners, Seawright finalized a contract on a 2000 square foot, two-story home with a modern-retro design. The Bengal Road home features modern fixtures and appliances, energy-efficient elements, and a yard that invites lounging with friends and family, all while complying with national community stabilization standards.

A few months after the Bengal Road project’s completion, in October 2018, Seawright and RPS Solutions’ affordable housing professionals helped local Baltimore City employee Tyra Hudgins purchase her first home, a townhouse built in 1959 on Bucknell Road. The three-bedroom, the two-bath house received extensive upgrades, including new kitchen appliances, recessed lighting, crown molding, and hardwood floors. This property is perfectly positioned for access to grocery stores, restaurants, dining establishments, and both elementary and middle schools. With the help of a Baltimore City Employees Grant and RPS services, Ms. Hudgins saw her dreams of homeownership come true.

Working with first-time buyers with budgetary constraints requires specific knowledge, personal dedication, and commitment to stay the course. Kevin holds an MBA from Almeda University and certifications from Notre Dame University Mendoza School of Business. His educational career prepared him for his role as an affordable housing advocate. He uses his skills acquired during the college years and experience managing large asset portfolios to support and educate first-time homebuyers about the complex processes of applying for grants and loans necessary to secure their first non-rental home.

Along with financial skills, Kevin utilizes exceptional negotiating and communication skills as he works with other agencies and organizations that focus on urban renewal, gentrification, and neighborhood expansion. Sometimes, he collaborates with agencies committed to increasing affordable housing inventory and funding opportunities to identify properties suitable for rehabilitation or clients eligible for local, state, or federal grants and loan assistance.

One such collaborative effort involved a partnership between Kevin Seawright and the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST). NCST participation on certain projects ensures his clients have the resources and support they need to successfully achieve homeownership. The Trust believes that “reclaiming vacant homes” is a vital first step in reshaping neighborhoods and lifting people out of the cycle of poverty. In the past decade, NCST has invested more than $1.5 million in partnering with local professionals like RPS Solutions.

Tajh and Leah Hall Flagg benefitted from the combined efforts of NCST, Kevin Seawright, and the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in New Jersey when they purchased a renovated property at 1126 Elbank Ave in Baltimore, Maryland. The rehabilitation project included turning the modest home into a stunning first home for the Flagg family with beautiful hardwood floors, recessed lighting, stainless appliances, ceramic flooring, and a fully finished basement with laundry facilities. Converting a vacant home into modern, functional living space instantly lifts property values in a neighborhood by eliminating the negative side-effects of vacant properties that enable squatters and nefarious actors to engage in activities that devalue an area.

More About Kevin Seawright

Kevin has the skills and expertise to help real estate investors create diverse residential and commercial portfolios that consistently deliver reliable healthy returns. His passion is helping people realize their real estate dreams, reshaping, and strengthening neighborhoods along the way. By all accounts, he is a successful businessman, with a positive reputation in the local Baltimore business world and beyond.

He was recently asked “What is the best $100 you recently spent? And, why?” His answer tells us a great deal about Kevin Seawright the man.

His answer? “Funding our 6th grade youth basketball team for their All Star tournament this weekend in Pennsylvania.” Kevin likes to be among the people, feel their energy, and inspire them to reach higher than they have ever dreamed.

We expect to hear more stories about how Kevin is transforming daily life for people who thought a limited income would keep them from ever owning their own home. And, mixed in with those success stories will be the ones about organizing a Christmas toy drive with local church leaders or coaching a youth basketball team nights and weekends. We will continue to follow his journey through his social media. Follow Kevin on Twitter and read his articles on Medium.