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Must Read: The Mental Health Journey That Will Boost Your Self Esteem

There is nothing as complicated as someone fighting to gain her self-esteem. Having low self-esteem leads individuals to think they are inadequate, unlovable, and not worthy. Once formed, the negativity permeates your thoughts and understanding, producing some faulty assumptions that lead to retraction to becoming very defensive. 85% of individuals worldwide suffer from low-self esteem. There is a remarkable resemblance between those with low self-esteem goes hand in hand with incompetence and apathy. 

If you are among the 85% of those suffering from low esteem, It is time to get to the heart of the issue and address it. Jamie Clarke assures you that attaining self-confidence blends well with enjoying a happy and peaceful life.

Who is Jamie Clarke? 

Many know Jamie Latrice Clarke as a Celebrity Tarot Card Reader and Lifestyle coach who helps her clients achieve healing and navigate their unique spiritual journey with a charismatic and stimulating twist.

Jamie was born in Atlanta but raised in Corona, California. Her childhood life was full of unprecedented events. She passed through a lot of turmoils and challenging encounters that, to some extent, pushed her to commit suicide twice. Aside from that, Jamie struggled a lot with clinical depression, panic attacks, and anxiety disorder. Her mental status was so dire that it left her in a dire situation, making her parents seek medical assistance. As a result, Jamie had to be enrolled for mental therapy while being administered medication to stabilize her mental health. 

Through her recovery journey, Jamie learned vital lessons that incorporated spirituality and the law of attraction, available in her Tik Tok Videos. A concept that became of interest to her and attracted her to uncover more. As a result, she focused all her strength, both physical and mental, on discovering the whole truth and gaining total freedom. The push led her to establish her own company, Soul Paradigm- a company that focuses on awakening souls to understand that we are all souls having a human experience that is much larger than us.

Jamie freely explains ways and tips of uncovering our physical fitness and mental stability as stated below;

  • Get The Understanding That Everyone Makes Mistakes

Mistakes happen daily. At times the after-effects may bring dire effects that have a long-lasting impact. Getting to understand where the waters started beating you and undo the wrong is the positive take you can use to handle the situation. If the situation gets out of control, derive the vital lesson from experience and grow through it. It is essential to learn that nobody is perfect, and you are the best version of yourself.

Your mental stability may be regained by understanding that the world is full of imperfect people, and dwelling in the past does not often guarantee future success.

  • Focus on What You Can Change

Sometimes it may feel like you are struggling to handle a couple of difficult things to change and think out of your control. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, try shifting your focus to finding positive vibes and solutions that positively impact your life. Focusing on things that are within your control and work on solving them will leave you with the room to always improve on yourself. Learn to shift procrastinating on something that you can quickly solve. 

Struggling with difficult situations often puts your mental health at risk inhibiting you from becoming yourself.

  • Do What Makes You Happy

If you focus on doing things that make you happy, you will automatically generate positive vibes. Learn to schedule your time in a manner that allows you to have your moments. Having enough time to reflect on things that make you happy will psyche you to face daily struggle and any unprecedented event that may occur.

Working on what makes you happy often distracts your mind from focusing on what is important to you, relieving you from the pressure of complicated stuff. You can use the method to distract yourself from daily stress or refreshing your mind.

  • Celebrate Small Achievements

Give yourself that simple pat at the shoulder on any achievement you make. Celebrating small achievements like finishing tasks on time, successfully closing a deal, getting right on time for the date, etc., will, to a more considerable extent, help you in gradually building your confidence. 

Your mental stability relies heavily on appreciating the small effort we each put towards handling a specific task or situation

  • Surround Yourself With Positive Vibes

Surrounding yourself with people who appreciate you go a long way toward obtaining confidence. Surround yourself with people who will make you feel good and appreciated, and keep off that negativity.