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How to Get Your Home Ready For The Rainy/Hurricane Season

The summer on the east coast of the United States comes with a large amount of rain. There are certain parts of the year where these storms can be monumental. Hurricanes are a part of life for people in states like Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana. Getting your home ready for a hurricane is imperative as you would rather be over prepared than scrambling to get ready at the last minute. 

Get Your Roof Checked Out 

The roof is important to get checked out a few times per year. Roof repair and replacement can be a huge financial undertaking but it will be worth it. The last thing you want is a leak to cause massive amounts of water damage. A small leak caused by a hole from a branch or animal nesting can be catastrophic if not fixed. Get a professional to come out to take a look at your roof as you won’t regret it. 

Protect Your Windows 

Taking a look at hurricane shutters not only can protect the home but can also save you money on homeowners insurance. These shutters will make it easy to protect the home when compared to having to put up plywood each time a named storm passes through a state. The importance of cutting down tree limbs cannot be understated. The last thing you want is a branch to destroy a window, which can be expensive to replace. Shutters need to be installed by a professional to make sure they stay in place. 

Bring What You Can Inside 

There are so many videos online of lawn furniture or even trampolines flying out of the lawn during a bad storm. These items can cause damage to the home by breaking windows ripping screening. You need to bring everything inside that you can that has the potential of flying around. There are going to be lawn chairs that you need to bring inside along with any grilling materials. You do not want to be running outside during a terrible storm just to get a chair or something else that you forgot. 

Evacuate If Told To 

The local government is going to have evacuation plans for cities. There are people that have lost their lives due to not listening to evacuation orders. The local government is looking out for your safety and you could put emergency worker’s lives at risk by refusing to leave. People in Houston and New Orleans understand the importance of evacuation before things get too bad. Getting out of a city and heading to the midwest is a popular option for people that live in Florida and other hurricane plagued states. 

Getting the home ready for the rainy/hurricane season is all about being proactive. You want to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The rainy season differs by state so make sure you are prepared by the time the stormy weather tends to happen.