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How to create videos to improve your ROI

There are many video marketing benefits that businesses in 2020 could take advantage of.

In the first place, we should start by saying that ROI generated by video content is higher than the one coming from any other type of content.

In addition, several studies show consumers prefer to receive brand’s messages through marketing videos instead of pictures or texts. 

However, users are not the only ones in love with video marketing. Every search engine, from Google to YouTube and covering them all up, prefer video content too.

This means that if you include videos on your website, it will have more chances of appearing on search engines top results. 

What’s more, social media platforms are also keen on video content. Every one of them has eventually added a video feature to its core to join this trend. 

Although it’s pretty clear that video marketing generates great results, the real question now is how to create appealing marketing videos to stand out from your competitors.

The answer is CreatorKit, a video editing app to create professional marketing videos really fast and without requiring editing experience.

Furthermore, what’s great about CreatorKit is that it also provides free templates for social media for you to choose the best one for you and customize it according to your communication needs.