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3 Tips For Hiring A Qualified Social Media Manager

To run a successful business, you’ve got to have a presence on social media. But if you as a business owner don’t have a particularly good handle on social media or how to write for this platform, handling this form of marketing and advertising on your own may not be a good idea. In this situation, you may be better off hiring a social media manager.

To help ensure that you get a great someone who can really get the job done for you, here are three tips for hiring a qualified social media manager. 

Check Out Their Own Social Media Presence

As you sort through applications for those interested in doing the social media management for your business, one thing you should look into aside from their resume is their own social media presence.

According to Syed Balkhi, a contributor to, if the candidate you’re looking at doesn’t have their own strong social media following or a solid presence, you may want to reconsider hiring for the position. Because this could be a sign that they don’t know what it takes to really nurture a following and grow an online presence into something significant, not having a decent online presence for a candidate may be a red flag. 

Look For A Customer Service Background

Your social media manager should do more than just post content for you. To really have a loyal following on your social media channels, you also need to hire someone that’s going to respond appropriately to all types of comments or questions that you may get on your profile. 

To know if someone is equipped to handle these types of tasks, Brent Barnhardt, a contributor to, recommends that you look to hire someone who has a customer service background. With this type of work experience and knowledge, your social media manager will know how to truly take care of your customers and interact with them in potentially heated situations. 

Know Which Platforms You Want Focused On

Before you hire someone to manage your social media accounts, you first need to figure out which platforms are going to be more beneficial to your brand. According to the editorial staff of, if you’re going to have multiple platforms for your social media work, you’ll want to ensure that the person you hire to work for you knows how those exact platforms function. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to find someone who has experience with these particular platforms and will better be able to meet your needs. 

If you’re needing to hire a social media manager to help with your business, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find the right person to hire for the position.