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3 Most Common Impacts Of Quarantine On Families

Since news of the coronavirus first emerged, there has been an air of tension in most families’ homes.  Whether we like it or not, the idea o a worldwide pandemic affects our well-being in a variety of ways. It’s changed the way that we carry out our daily tasks, our relationships with others, and in some cases, it may have changed our livelihood.  As a family, it can change all sorts of things about your dynamic.   

From your mental health to your financial situation, here are some of the most common things that families say have changed for them since the onset of COVID. 

Increased Arguing  

Even the happiest of couples have agreed that the quarantine has increased their arguing significantly. It’s understandable that couples may bicker more when they’re around each other so much.  The quarantine makes marital problems even more intensified for people who are to the point of separation.  

Many couples’ divorce plans have had to come to a halt until the quarantine is over. It’s not exactly the easiest time to start fresh, so having to live in a situation you’d rather not be in can cause a considerable amount of fighting.  

More Anxiety 

Anxiety is something that most people have felt significantly increase since they first heard of a deadly virus sweeping the world. Looking at the staggering numbers is enough to make anyone start to feel uneasy. 

If you and your loved ones have been feeling increased stress, anxiety, and even depression since the quarantine, then you’re not alone. Recent studies have shown that many people have experienced full-fledged post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of quarantine. 

The longer that you are in quarantine, the higher your chances are of experiencing PTSD. Being trapped in the same place for long periods of time can cause extreme distress.   

Less Patience With Children 

When parents send their children off to school or daycare, their parental load lessens. Even though they may be using their time away to work hard or do things that aren’t necessarily relaxing, having a place to send their children during the day gives their minds a break.  

During the quarantine, parents no longer have that break from their kids in the day. They are no longer only playing the role of a parent but also teacher, housekeeper, and nurturer.  It can start to wear on parents to take on so much responsibility. As a result, moments, when they may have been more patient with their children, are now much different. Something that wouldn’t normally bother them causes them to explode. As a result, both children and parents find themselves struggling with balancing everything going on at home.