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Gift Ideas for the Techie in Your Life

Although it might not seem so, Christmas is actually only 56 days away. So, it’s time you started thinking about what to get your loved ones. This year has been a difficult one, so make sure you take the time to pick well-thought-out gifts for those who mean the most to you.

If you have a tech lover in your family, there is plenty of new tech out there to treat them with. Below, we take a look at some of the best technology you can get your loved ones this Christmas.

 Best Tech Gifts for Kids 

If your kids usually get bored over the Christmas holidays, there are plenty of different technology gifts you can give them to keep them occupied while they’re out of school. What’s more, all of these gifts will begin to teach your children some important skills that could help them as they get older.

  • Artie 3000– this is an award-winning robot that has been designed to teach kids basic coding. Your kid can make step-by-step programs that will make Artie create a huge variety of different patterns as he rolls around a piece of paper. This gift can also be controlled from your phone.
  • The Matter View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack: this gift allows you to turn your iPhone into a virtual reality headset in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is download a virtual reality app on your smart phone and your child can have hours of fun.
  • VTech write and learn creative center: perfect for younger children, this set will allow them to learn basic hand-eye coordination skills, writing skills and drawing skills.

Best Tech Gifts for Teens

If your child is older, here are some great gifts you can get your tech lover teenager.

  • A Nintendo switch: these were all the rage during lockdown, and are great for any teenager bored during the winter holidays. With over 3000 different games to play, this could keep your teenager happy for hours and hours.
  • A smart notebook: do you have a teenager who is studying at college? Are they  having to work hard over the holidays? A smart notebook could be the perfect gift for them. All they have to do is write their notes with a marker, which can then be uploaded to your phone. Not only will it keep all their notes in one place, it is also much better for the environment.
  • A mini-projector: if your teenager has a blank wall in their room, why not get a mini projector? This will turn any wall into a TV or computer monitor, perfect for cold winter nights spent indoors.

Perfect Tech Gifts for Parents

If you have parents that love their tech but don’t have hours free to spend playing video games, why not treat them to smart technology for their home? Smart products are great gifts for any homeowner and items like the smart thermostat are very helpful in lowering your Toledo Edison utility bill. What is even better is that all of these features are incredibly easy to set up, too. Here are some of the best smart products you can get your parents:

  • Smart speaker: a smart speaker is an essential part of any smart home, and they are very inexpensive nowadays. A smart speaker will allow your parents to play music with their voices, as well as check the weather and much more. It will also allow them to control all the other smart features in your home.
  • Smart lighting: with smart light bulbs, your parents will be able to control their lighting from their smartphone or their smart speaker, which will allow them to save time and money.


Christmas will be soon upon us, so make sure you treat the techie in your life to something special this year.