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Eterneva on Processing and Memorializing the Loss of a Pet

Psychologists have likened the loss of a family pet to the loss of a close family member and considering the role our animals play in our everyday lives, this is not hard to believe.  Indeed, our pets fill an emotional void in our lives all out of proportion to their diminutive size and short lifespans.  Moreover, when they take their journey across the Rainbow Bridge, their mortal remains are often buried in the backyard, and success to that place can be easily barred if you move thus leaving important memories behind.

The idea of living memorials have taken hold in the public consciousness in recent years with new technologies in the death industry sphere expanding to include affordable and lasting memorials to a lost love one, both human and animal, and Austin, a Texas-based company, Eterneva, has developed a process that allows much closer proximity to you and your heart, in the form of laboratory-grown diamonds that contain within their seed the DNA cells of your lost family member.

For those seeking a personalized memorial to remember their four-legged friend forever, a memorial diamond from Eterneva gives you the time and space to grieve as needed.  Let’s explore the transformation of death from a grieving process to a healing process with the help of Eterneva.

Pets Are Family Too

Luckily for us, animals play a pivotal role in our mental health, and these little critters are there by our sides through thick and thin.  Whether greeting you and matching the greatest day of your life with their unbound exuberance or sitting by you in companionable silence during your worst days. When they go on to take their journey across the Rainbow Bridge they leave a gaping hole in our lives.

Rather than burying them in a lonely backyard, transforming their ashes into a memorial diamond is an excellent way to enshrine the place they played in your lives.  For those who have had an animal in their lives that filled this role, it is easy to understand the impulse to do something to immortalize your pet’s life in a synthetically grown diamond.

Your animal sparkled in life and transforming their ashes into a memorial diamond allows them to sparkle after they have passed. Their passing is a difficult fact to process, but the grieving process can be greatly enhanced when you enshrine a portion of their ashes inside a memorial laboratory-grown diamond.

Saying goodbye is hard, but when you are involved in the entire transformation process through continuous ongoing updates, Eterneva allows us to say goodbye in our own time.

Explore Mourning Your Loss of a Beloved Pet a Diamond

If you are looking to find a new way to memorialize your loved one that does not involve traditional burial ceremonies, and you want a more personalized grieving process that allows you the ability to keep your loved one close to your heart, Eterneva is leading the way in adopting new techniques that are available to allow all of us to grieve in our way.

It is said that diamonds are forever, but the love for a lost pet is truly eternal. Combining those two, utilizing the painstakingly loving process of growing a laboratory diamond, provides a way to celebrate their lives rather than mourn their loss.

It’s impossible to replace a lost pet in your heart, but you can carry them close to you and your heart with a pendant mounted synthetic diamond.