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5 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Child’s Education

When you are planning your child’s education, there are many pitfalls to avoid, which improves the chances of academic success and ultimately a good career, and in this article, we offer a few common mistakes that some parents make when planning their children’s education.

  1. Thinking that all schools are the same – This is one myth that we are happy to debunk; every school is a unique combination of teachers, staff and indeed, curriculum, which come together to deliver a solid academic education, while also developing the students emotionally, making them productive and happy members of society. Every school has its own vision and mission statements, which can be found on their website and you should read these documents, as they highlight the strengths and educational values of the school.
  2. Travelling Time – There should be a limit to the amount of time a child is sitting in a car or school van and anything over 45 minutes each way would be considered too much. That’s one and a half hours per day, which is too much time for travelling to and from school; search with Google for a secondary school in Bangkok and that will give you a list of registered schools within a specific radius.
  3. Failing to Take your Child’s Opinion into Account – Let’s face it, your son or daughter is the one who will be spending their time at the institution and if they are not excited by the idea, you should at least listen to their reasoning. It is important that your child looks forward to going to school and any negative emotions could impact their academic progress, which should be avoided at all costs.
  4. Assuming All is Well – If a parent has a hectic job and doesn’t spend the time with their child that they should, it is easy for an issue to develop; most kids would not want to share their problem with their parents, which means you should take the time to enquire into their well-being and school in particular. If, for example, your child has learning difficulties in a subject and nothing is done, their grades would suffer as a result and if you are aware, then you can schedule some extra online tuition to resolve the issue. We are never too old for new knowledge and here is an informative article about Ohm’s Law, which might be news for you.
  5. Failure to Support your Child’s Interests – If your child shows a healthy interest in something, this should not only be encouraged, it should be supported whenever possible. Life is all about searching for something that lights your fire, something you are passionate about and part of schooling is experiencing new things, which might lead to a discovery. Click here for a list of international schools in Thailand, which is a great starting point.

There’s a lot more to choosing a school for your child than mere convenience and by making yourself aware of the above shortcomings, you can steer your child in the right direction to enable them to enjoy a successful career and a happy life.