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3 Skills To Look For In A Great Digital Marketer

For modern businesses, having someone on your team who can help with your digital marketing is a must. Whether you’re bringing someone in-house or are looking to outsource these tasks, you want to be sure that you’re hiring someone who can not only get the job done for you, but can do it in such a way that it furthers your brand and your business.

To help ensure that you’re able to find this person for your organization, here are three skills to look for in a great digital marketer. 

Analysis Of Data

One of the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing is that you’re able to quickly and easily see hard data for your marketing efforts. However, simply having this data available to you isn’t necessarily going to help with your marketing campaigns. To really make the most of this, you have to have someone who knows how to analyze this data and use it for your advantage.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, your digital marketing data will most likely come primarily through Google Analytics. Because of this, you need to hire someone who knows their way backward and forward around Google Analytics. Additionally, you also want to find someone who can think about all this data in an innovative way to help you move your business forward and improve upon certain metrics that are most important to your company. 

Aptitude For Multi-Tasking

Digital marketing encompasses a wide variety of marketing and technical tasks that take place online. As a result of this, the person you put in charge of your digital marketing needs to be able to work on multiple projects at one time, all with ultimate success for your business.

Part of this multi-tasking, according to Julie Joyce, a contributor to Search Engine Journal, needs to include finding the time to continue their education in digital marketing as a whole. Since things are always changing, you’ll want to find someone who can simultaneously keep your digital marketing projects going while also learning about new techniques or updates that they should be instituting for your company during your future marketing phases. 

Understanding of SEO and Content Creation

One of the biggest parts of digital marketing, according to Alison Doyle, a contributor to The Balance Careers, is handling the SEO and content creation efforts for an organization. Because of this, you want to find someone who can strategize these marketing efforts, execute on their marketing plan, and then understand how to tell if your content has been successful or unsuccessful. 

If you’re needing to hire someone to take on the digital marketing for your company, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you bring on the person or agency with the right skills.