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21st Century Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World

We truly are living in the digital age, a time of rapidly expanding technologies that deliver powerful new applications, transforming civilisations around the world, and many of these new and innovative sectors are already coming into our lives. Not only are we making serious attempts to reduce carbon emissions, we are making giant strides in the following tech solutions.

  • Robotics – It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in just 100 years and state-of-the-art robotics merges with AI to bring a fully automated solution, taking human error out of the loop. The medical sector is now starting to use robots to perform complex surgery, while the automobile industry is already full-on with robotics, and other sectors will integrate robotics into their processes.
  • Automated Access Control – Close to 8 billion people live on our planet and in cities, automated access control systems are essential, with trains, the underground, bus stations and other public places all using the latest automated access control systems. A leading UK white glove logistics company, Rhenus High Tech typically install such systems, as they have the qualified technicians who are experienced in the moving and installation of all forms of access control systems.
  • Nano-Technology – This is perhaps the most exciting of all new technologies, and merging with biotech, the future could provide medical breakthroughs that protect us from every known disease. Nano-communications are only a few years away, with devices too small for the human eye to detect, and this can lead to bots that are injected into the bloodstream that empower you in many ways. You may already use video conferencing and here are a few ways that you can make your video meetings more effective, which makes for a good read.
  • 3-D Printing – Hardly new technology, yet merging with robotics will give us the ability to create complex objects using a range of materials; who knows? Maybe in a decade or so, you can walk into a car showroom and have them create your ideal car while you wait! This brings manufacturing into the home, so expect to see many small businesses that produce complex components to order, plus you can probably make your own products at home if you invest in a 3-D printer.
  • Artificial Intelligence – AI offers almost unlimited possibilities and early developments are very promising, and with computers that can learn, who knows where that might lead? In the year 2050, everyone will have their own personal robot that does just about everything, and this ‘person’ will know everything about you and will be very much like a friend. Shop assistants will be robots, perhaps they will stand outside the store and try to persuade you to enter and take a look around, and with the deployment of 5G comes the ‘Internet of Things’, or IoT as it is known. It is likely there will be some form of government regulation with artificial intelligence, as this article outlines.

Never before has mankind had so many powerful tools and when the entire planet is 5G enabled, we can expect to see a rapid deployment of many micro industries that evolve in line with new tech, which should change the world for the better.