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Why It Is Okay To Not Want A Baby

As a woman, you might feel as though having children is something you have to do. It’s normal. It’s expected. You’ll be looked on as strange and unusual if you don’t. You might even be pitied. This is not a pleasant idea, but the truth is, you don’t have to have children, and even if you do want children at some point, if you find you’re pregnant and you’re not in the right place, emotionally, physically, or financially, to have a baby, it’s okay not to have one.

The fact is, it’s your choice. You have to do what is right for you. Read on to find out why it’s perfectly okay not to want a baby.

Your Home Environment Is Not Suitable

Finding you are pregnant and going to for help does not, as we said, mean that at some later time, you won’t have a child. It will depend on what you want in your life. Right now, though, if your home environment is not ideal and isn’t suitable for raising a child, it is perfectly okay not to want the baby.

Maybe you are a single parent, and you don’t have the time or resources to care properly for a child. Maybe the baby’s father is not going to be able to help financially or emotionally, and you know you don’t want to go through it all alone. Perhaps you are in a relationship, but you’re aware it’s not a healthy one and not one you want to bring a child into. Maybe you have an unstable source of income. It could be any of these things or all of them or anything else. The point is, if your home environment is not suitable for a child, don’t feel as though you have to have the baby.

You Have Unfinished Life Goals

It’s good to have goals in life, and for some women, those goals include children. For some, they don’t. Perhaps yours do include that goal, but not yet because you have other things you need to do first. Perhaps your goals don’t include children at all because you know you want to do other things.

There is something important you need to remember; if you want to be a good parent, you’ll need to make certain sacrifices, and sometimes that means putting your goals on hold or packing them away forever, never to be seen again. If you aren’t ready or willing to do that, then having a child might be a bad idea; you’ll never be fully content, and being content is an important part of life.

You Don’t Want To Be A Parent

As we said at the start, some women don’t want to be mothers. They simply don’t like the idea, they know they’re not maternal, and they are sure that they would rather do other things. This is not an issue. If that’s how you feel, you need to be true to yourself, and compromising on this would be detrimental to your life and the child’s.

There is a feeling in society that people have to grow up, find a partner and have children so the cycle can start all over again, but that’s not how it has to be. You must be true to your own feelings if you want to be happy in life. Don’t try to please other people.