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Why Australian Homeowners Insist on Slate Roofing

Of the many different roof materials on offer today, Australian homeowners still have a love for authentic slate roofing, which has a timeless style and elegance of its own. Slate roofing was brought to Australia when the first settlers came over from Great Britain, and this natural material was perfect to withstand the harsh Australian climate, plus slate roofing has a charm that cannot be replicated with any other material.

Specialist Roofing Professionals

Slate roofing is a skill that has been handed down from generation to generation, and such is the popularity of slate, there is still a high demand and a few specialist roofing companies do nothing else but build and repair slate roofing. You only have to drive around the Sydney suburbs to see just how popular slate roofing is, and there are some fine examples to give you some design inspiration. The slate roofing contractor would have an album full of images of previous projects to give you some idea of what is possible.


Slate is a natural material that offers excellent insulation properties, and when professionally installed, a slate roof with outlast any other type of roof. Working with slate requires a high degree of skill, and a team of slate roofers can complete a family-sized home in a couple of days. There’s no doubt that a slate roof will cost more than a traditional tiled roof, but it will last for many years, making it very good value for money.


If you are in need of slate roof repairs in Sydney or any other part of Australia, there are slate roofing specialists who can locate identical slate tiles and replace any broken or missing units. It is recommended to ask the roofer to inspect the roof every 6 months, which will ensure that any minor repairs can be carried out promptly, before too much damage is caused.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Slate has a character all of its own, and with various shades of grey, a slate roof is a major feature on any property, and should you ever wish to sell your home, the slate roof will be a major selling point. There are several shades of slate grey, and when you talk to a roofing contractor, he would have many samples to show you, helping you make the right choice to complement your home.

Online Solutions

If you would like to learn more about slate roofing and receive a quote for your property, an online search will bring up a list of local slate roofing companies and you can compare the various contractors and invite chosen firms to quote. It is worth noting that slate will be more expensive than regular tiled roofing, but in the long term, a slate roof is very good value for money.

Slate roofing is at the top end of the price range, but when you take into account the durability of slate, it is easy to understand why slate is still the most popular roofing material in Australia.