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What You Can Do To Help Local Businesses During Coronavirus

What You Can Do To Help Local Businesses During Coronavirus

Along with the tragic loss of lives that Coronavirus has taken, businesses of all sorts have been forced to pause their operations or shut down altogether. More than 80% of small businesses nationwide, whether operating or not, have reported that they are struggling from the effects of the worldwide pandemic.

Shelter in place orders have made it impossible for many businesses to function as they normally do, not to mention participating at trade show exhibits now impossible, resulting in huge monetary loss for many. With no end in sight for shelter in place in some locations, the question becomes, how can you support these businesses that are taking the right measures to keep their doors open.  Take a look at some of the ways that you can continue to support local businesses during the Covid19 crisis.

Order Pickup or Delivery

Restaurants and cafes may not be open to inviting customers inside as they usually do; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t still purchase their products. Many restaurants are offering the same menu by way of pick up services or delivery.

Restaurants aren’t the only ones providing this distancing service, either. Everything from clothing stores to book shops may still be operating using pick up and delivery service. It’s a good idea to call your local businesses and inquire whether they are still operating. If they are, consider calling them next time you’re in need of a product or service rather than a big-name chain.

Buy Gift Cards

Many businesses are offering gift cards as a way to support them. The credit that you gift someone may not be possible to redeem right away; however, it’s something that can be used later when they re-open. Since they aren’t making any income currently, the only way they can stay open is by customers like you purchasing credits they can redeem later.

Use Online Services

In an attempt to adapt to the times, many businesses have changed their business format, and offer certain services online. Explore whether you may be able to support local businesses by taking them up on online products and services.

For example, many places are offering classes or consultations via video conference. Many activities, like counseling, or even group exercise classes, can still be used online through video chat.

Keep Paying Memberships

If your budget allows, consider continuing to pay your membership fees despite suspended service. Even if they’ve temporarily stopped offering services, your continued support will ensure that they can keep their doors open during the crisis.

If you’ve already paid for an event that has since been canceled, don’t ask for a refund, but instead, consider it a donation to the business to stay afloat! Only through supporting each other can we hope to keep the economy afloat.