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UOSSM: A Detailed Guide

UOSSM inaugurated its initial task in Syria and Turkey in the year 2012. UOSSM had undertaken a considerable part in mental healthcare throughout Syria’s crisis. The organization helped the community and the weak children to help them out with their mental health.

They founded a medical center called Bab Al-Hawa, the tremendous progressive catastrophe sanitarium in northern Syria and Tele-Psychiatry assistance in Turkey. Other enterprises include the advancement of healthcare centers, motherly units, portable infirmaries, nourishment, and safety service. 

UOSSM has also developed a cognitive health center for refugees that have particular needs in Lebanon. This refugee center procures medical attention to the fitness employees in Yemen and presently administers in Canada with a dental hospital in Bangladesh.

In 2020, due to the corona outbreak, UOSSM had focused its attention on protecting the kids who are in camps and susceptible kids residing in crowded camps. UOSSM has assisted state centers in stabilizing seclusion centers, purifying camps, procuring nourishing foods and disinfecting equipment, and contributing academic accessories to help them comprehend more about COVID-19.

Reaction In Syria On COVID.

Due to the war and the population in Syria, the virus started spreading faster because of its numbers and lack of amenities.  Those living in Syria have a weak immune system and are malnourished; the virus spreads faster than everywhere else. UOSSM made sure they provided clean water and soap for those residing in the Syrian camps.

Though in Syria they retain minimal doctors despite the vast population,  they provided several beds for those who got infected with the COVID -19.

UOSSM Objectives. 

  • Muster NGOs to unlock their surgical reserves and make them available to the medication of Syria’s wounded casualties.  
  • Organize essential human aids for apprentices abroad and medical faculty inside to enforce the solace and advancement programs of UOSSM. 
  • Establish logistic and equipping installations for medical committees in Syria so that they can help those wounded during the war in Syria. 
  • Vacate the patients who are critically injured in neighboring regions. 
  • To oversee the analysis field by functioning with other NGOs and the substantial medical network in Syria through schooling and healthcare findings. 

UOSSM Values. 

  1. Responsibility. 

The organization ensures that they use their resources the way they are supposed to, leaving no stone unturned, making them accountable to their supporters.

  1. Sincerity. 

The organization makes sure they take care of all the resources they are entitled to in all honesty and ethical behavior because the interests of the people who look up to them come first.   

  1. Impartiality. 

The organization also believes in medical ethics of objectiveness and detachment. They help everyone irrespective of their gender, race, ethnicity, belief, or political union. 

  1. Confidence. 

Respect is one important character that the UOSSM teaches its workers.  This helps to build trust amongst its workers and those coming to them for help.  This also makes the patients feel comfortable.  

  1. Yearning. 

The institution delivers help to all its patients in the best way possible as guided by their medical professions and international principles.