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Top Companies With the Happiest Employees

nice looking african american business man in a blue suit with smile on his face

Have you ever wondered if there was a company out there better than the one you’re working at? If you’re looking to leave a miserable office in favor of a joyful one, then these top companies are well-known for having the happiest employees in the country. Check it out.


This enterprise cloud computing company located in San Francisco quickly rose to the top of the employee satisfaction chart. Their culture is one of inclusiveness and positivity, coming together to help individuals in their time of need, especially during family hardships, which family law attorney Deb Schoenberg says, is one of the most important factors to an employee’s happiness with their employer. 

Fostering a collaborative team environment is vital to Salesforce’s success, which is why they stand up for each other’s rights and freedoms. Together, they create a close-knit family of dedicated individuals with a passion to help one another succeed. 


From Sunnyvale, California comes a no-brainer. LinkedIn makes the list because of their the mission behind their website. Everyone on every single team is working to help make a difference in people’s lives by providing a multi-faceted platform. 

Not only can people build a professional profile on LinkedIn, but they can also search for jobs and connect with others in their industry. It’s one of the top networking apps on the planet, and the company takes a positive approach to connecting professionals. 


Its tough to tell whether the employees or shoppers love this store more. Coscto’s headquarters are located in Issaquah, Washington, and their secret to employee happiness lies within their values. According to their employees, the values they promote at work are the same that they value the most in their personal lives. As if their word wasn’t enough, employment law attorneys rave about Costco’s environment. 


If you haven’t heard of HubSpot, they’re a software developer and marketer that creates products for inbound sales. The company is founded one a simple principle, a passion for helping solve their customer’s needs. Diverse and inclusive, their teams attract some of the brightest individuals around. 


Of course, Microsoft is on this list. The Washington based computer software company has a long history of dazzling even its longest-term employees. Some compare the company’s offerings to resort-style amenities, while others simply enjoy working for the biggest name in software on the planet. 


Another software company, UiPath is located in The Big Apple. They develop and work on a specific platform that utilizes process mining for robotic process automation. Their work makes an impact in the world, which is something its employees are proud of. 


This software company from Utah focuses on something entirely different. Workfront develops detailed online work-management software with features ranging from issue tracking to time management and portfolios. Their inclusiveness and ability to help businesses stay on target is appealing, but employees rave about the wonderful culture that Workfront provides. 


H-E-B is a privately held supermarket company based out of Texas. They hold 350 stores and offer upscale, organic foods. That’s enough to align with most people’s values, but their employees say it’s the respect they have for one another that make working here worthwhile. Each member, no matter the role, is a diverse and invaluable equal.