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Socati Officials See New Wave Of The Future In Custom Cannabinoid

Water soluble CBD

The world is forever changing. Out of change can come innovative technologies that lead to new and exciting possibilities for the world. One area that continues to see interesting developments is the ability to customize products. CPG manufacturers no longer need to accept ingredients that do not meet their everchanging needs. Instead, they can look to inventive companies that can help them create products, which meet their customer’s demands. One company that has been able to create new such technology and bring groundbreaking products to life is Socati. Socati’s focus is continuous research and development and consistently bringing the highest-quality products to the market. As one of the leading producers of broad spectrum hemp-derived, CBD, and minor cannabinoid ingredients, they are always testing and researching ways to further enhance the field.

Patented New Technology

Because of Socati’s patented chromatographic-based technology, they have been a consistent pioneer in the field of broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD ingredients. Their first incredible accomplishment was being able to create ingredients that consistently present with non-detectable levels of THC. An enormous feat in the industry. The next groundbreaking achievement was creating customizable CBD and minor cannabinoid profiles for clients. This allows CPGs to have the right formula for their products.


Socati launched a revolutionary product earlier this year with its microencapsulated water soluble CBD ingredient. It’s a big win in the market for many reasons, but some of its key differences are that is virtually flavorless and odorless, and has little to clouding when mixed. It also maintains a rich CBD profile.

This product, along with their CBD oil, which boasts 80% CBD, and is rich in minor cannabinoids, are incredible progress to creating consistent premium broad spectrum hemp-derived, CBD, and cannabinoid ingredients that will satisfy numerous CPG needs, and thusly, the needs of consumers.   

Company officials are working on many other products they hope can be of use to consumers. Ensuring that their products meet the everchanging demands of consumers is at the heart of their strategy for their clients. Items like hemp-derived cannabinoids are starting to be highly sought after and likely to continue on that trend, which means forecasts for purchasing these products show a steady incline. Socati knows they can create products that can meet desired standards that their clients want to reach. Quality and safety are always top priority at Socati. The same is true of customization that can make the difference between a product that succeeds and one that might fall slightly short of goals. This is one company on the move and looking forward to the coming future.