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Things to make sure to include in employment screenings

Things to make sure to include in employment screenings

Hiring a new staff member is a time consuming process that has a lot of costs involved with it. Because it can be so difficult to find the right person for your company, once you’ve got some candidates on your short list, you’re going to want to make sure you include the right things in the employment screening process. From things such as talking about salary expectation, through to drug testing and looking at long term goals, there are so many different things you should be sure to include in your employment screening process.

1. Drug Testing
Depending on the industry you’re in, this may be more important than on average to ensure your customer’s safety. For example, if you’re the CEO of an airline, you’re going to want to be certain that your pilots are flying sober, and fully able to perform their jobs. Being under the influence of a drug or alcohol in this industry could mean critical errors that cost people their lives. For that reason, drug testing may be a regular part of maintaining employment for certain airlines. St Lucie county drug lab can help you process your employment screening drug testing for very little cost with a fast turn around, so nothing will slow down your hiring process.

2. Questions About the Future
One of the things I care about most when looking to hire someone, is what are their goals for the future. If I’m looking to hire someone to help me write content for my blog, and their goal is to work as a teacher, then I can almost guarantee that my work will just be filler work for them until they’re able to focus everything on their goal of being a teacher, while that’s probably fine in the short term, if you’re spending all the time and resources to hire someone new, it may as well be someone new who’s probably going to have a bit of longevity in your workplace. What are their goals, ambitions, and how would they like to further their knowledge and experience? Those are the questions I’d be focusing on when interviewing candidates.

3. Inquire About their Conflict Resolution Skills
One of the hardest questions I was asked during the hiring process was something along the lines of “please tell me about a situation of conflict in the workplace, and how you handled it?” And while at the time I was a bit taken back by the question, with the advantage of hindsight I can see how much this question actually reveals about a new candidate. It can help you see what they consider to be a type of conflict, how they are likely to deal with a challenging situation, and you can also get an impression about how satisfied they were by the overall outcome. Unfortunately conflict is a part of life, whether amongst team members or from clients, so having a new team member who can confidently handle conflict can go a long way in taking your business to the next level.

Hiring a new employee is an exciting step, and hopefully with these tips it will go smoothly.