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Ten accessories to complete your new room scheme

When it comes to completing a new interior design scheme, it is the finishing touches that will make all the difference.

With the wall coverings finished, the flooring laid and the furniture in place you need to turn your attention to the little items which will tie the space together – think soft furnishings, useful accessories and decorative items.

Here are 10 accessories to consider adding to your space to complete your room’s new look.

Scatter cushions

Offering added comfort and a cozy feel, scatter cushions can be used in lounge spaces, bedrooms, sun rooms and even outdoors. Opt for colors which tie in with your scheme and choose a variety of textures to add interest.


A blanket or throw is not only a stylish addition to a room, but they come in handy when you are cuddling up on the couch for a movie or settling into your favorite armchair to enjoy a good book or warm drink too.


Candles create the perfect mood lighting for a relaxing atmosphere. For a safer option, you can opt for an led flameless candle like those from family-based home furnishings business Hemsly.


Choosing a durable flooring option such as floorboards or tile and placing rugs offers a lot more flexibility than opting for fitted carpets, and when they start to look tired or worn its much cheaper to replace rugs rather than an entire carpet.


There is no better way to make a space feel like home than the addition of photo frames, whether they contain pictures of family or images of landscapes and architecture from places you have been. Collections look good so cluster a few frames together either on the wall or on a shelf or sideboard.


Mirrors are functional and beautiful when you choose the right one for your space. They also reflect light around the room making it feel larger and more airy.


When choosing a vase, big is best. Never mind the size of your room, small rooms will only feel smaller with lots clutter and in a larger room a small vase will feel dwarfed.


Perfect for brightening up a dark corner or creating a welcoming reading nook, whenever you want lower lighting options a lamp is the obvious choice. Place floor lamps behind couches and armchairs and smaller lamps anywhere from bedside tables to side tables or sideboards. 

Window coverings

Never underestimate the impact of your choice of window coverings. To keep things light and airy choose voiles or blinds or to add a touch of luxuriousness, choose heavy drapes with tiebacks.

House plants

House plants have seen a rise in popularity recently so you can find greenery suitable for pretty much every indoor space nowadays. As well as the traditional pot plant on a windowsill, you can choose structural, floor-standing plants or even suspend them from the ceiling in macramé hangers.

Remember though, less is more. Whether it’s scatter cushions, oil tablecloths, or house plants, you do not want to make your fabulous new space feel cluttered. So rather than using this as a checklist, select a few items that will add the most impact to the room.