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Stephen Bittel Announces Incredible Lineup for Holiday Shopping Trips Near Miami

It’s that time of year again—the time where everyone is looking to purchase gifts for the people they love. It can be a challenging time, especially for those who have just about everything or don’t ask for a lot. Small shops provide an advantage to find unique gifts, while also supporting the local families in a more direct way.

This holiday season, you should consider supporting as many local shops as you can swing for your Christmas gifting list.

During the most wonderful time of the year, there is a lot to be said for local shopping. As Floridians prepare for the holiday season, Terranova’s Founder Stephen Bittel has announced the exciting addition of 18 new shops and restaurants in the Coral Gables and Miami Beach areas between now and 2021. Some have signed extensive leases and others are just popping up for a few months.

These locations bring so much to the community—providing two fabulous places to shop and explore during the holidays.

Throughout Miami, from Coral Gables to Miami Beach, you will find so many incredible things to do. You can certainly spend an entire day shopping to make this holiday bright. Here is a holiday list of some of the best things to do (and eat) along Miracle Mile and Lincoln Road this holiday season.

Hitting Up Miracle Mile in Coral Gables for the Holidays

Despite COVID-19 bringing plenty of challenges, Floridians are prepping to keep the area lovely and full of the Miami vibe. Along with the bustle of the holidays comes the last-minute rush to purchase gifts. Along Miracle Mile, there are so many options to keep you busy.

“More dining options are fitting for an area that offers not only an affluent residential community but one of the densest downtown office districts in all of Miami,” says Bittel, Chairman and Founder of Terranova Corporation. “It’s no surprise that retailers and restaurateurs are taking a close look at Coral Gables, wider sidewalks with outdoor seating in beautiful South Florida is a hot commodity.”

Jumpstart with Java from Crema Gourmet

The Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar on 169 Miracle Mile is a staple in the area. The coffee shop offers a wide range of drinks, as well as smoothies, juices and more. You can grab avocado toast, sandwiches and other tasty bites for a quick breakfast, brunch or lunch. This is the perfect start to a Miracle Mile day trip.

Healthy Nutrition from Seasy Mediterranean

Is a great place to start or end a holiday shopping trip on Miracle Mile. The amazing food is paired with an incredible, easy-going Mediterranean port vibe. Opening in November, the new hot spot has been a great addition to the area. Hit up the daily happy hour from 5-7 or a well-balanced meal that is both healthy and delicious. Seasy Mediterranean is located at 136 Miracle Mile.

Experience the Arts

Now through the end of December, 21 artists are showcasing their work in seven galleries. Working with the Coral Gables Business Improvement District, Terranova has launched Studios on the Mile to run from October through December 30, 2020. From painting to sculpture, experience the art of local creatives for the holidays.

Unique Gifts for Her at Essence Boutique

This upscale women’s boutique has fashion galore. Find the perfect top, shoes, accessories or dress with a wide selection of trendy items. You aren’t going to find gifts like this in the big box stores. Check out Essence Boutique at 78 Miracle Mile.

For the Home: The Rose Tree Cottage

Whether you are looking for the perfect housewarming gift or holiday present, it’s hard to go wrong with something practical and lovely from The Rose Tree Cottage. The sophisticated selection of things are perfect for that hard-to-buy-for friend, coworker or loved one. Check out sterling silver trays, porcelain vases, bone-carved items and many artsy interior design books that you will find in The Rose Tree Cottage at 388 Miracle Mile.

Coming Soon: Sushi Sake

Already a popular destination in the area, Sushi Sake offers a delicious menu for sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, hibachi, sake and more. It’s the perfect destination to stop and grab lunch during a holiday shopping trip. Next year, you’ll even be able to find its newest location on Miracle Mile thanks to Sushi Sake signing a 10-year lease with Terranova for 202 Miracle Mile.

Choosing the Merriest at Lincoln Lane in Miami Beach

If you are on the Miami Beach side, you don’t have to come inland to find some incredible local shops. Here are just a few favorites, including the new tenants that were signed by Terranova Corporation. You’ll get all your shopping done and more right along Lincoln Road.

“These micro pop-ups bring excitement and diversity to Lincoln Road retail,” said Bittel. “[They] create opportunities for more local and start-up concepts to locate themselves in a bustling and enviable location without a great deal of risk.”

Flashback for Lunch: Havana 1957 Cuban Cuisine

This incredibly popular location includes great food and drinks that will have you buzzing for the rest of the night. The Cuban-styled dishes are all served in the 1950’s flashback atmosphere for a fun break to your shopping holiday. Or, cap off a busy day with an enormous Grande Mojito from the 819 Lincoln Road location and you won’t be sorry!

Cultivating the Green Thumb: Plant Daddy

Do you have a green thumb or black thumb? Either way, you can learn to keep plants alive with the support of the incredible owner who runs Plan Dady.This little boutique shop is filled with green life for the plant lovers you know. Gift the joy of local garden selections to a boss, loved one or friend this holiday season. From sage bundles to everything you need to care for your new plant, you will probably find a thing for yourself among all the gift options at 808 North Lincoln Lane.

Taking it Old School with Renegade Rustlers

If you have a joy for the older things in life, this small antique clothing boutique is just the place you need to spend part of the day browsing. From cute hats to unusual tops, you are sure to find the kind of high end fashion that comes from another time. Discover stylish vintage clothing in the shop at 804 North Lincoln Lane.

Explore Avant Garde with Oolite Arts

This exhibit space provides the perfect opportunity to see some local talent. Of course, you can support the Miami artists by purchasing new artwork for your home or loved ones. Discover unique finds and perspectives at 924 Lincoln Road.

Prep for Vacay at Sol + Sorbet

Know anyone planning their next holiday? This resort wear and swimwear shop features Sol + Sorbet brand clothing in a pop-up style retail shop. From elegant beach coverups to sexy bikini wear, you’ll find the perfect something for someone on your list at this shop. Discover the beach chic vibes at 816 North Lincoln Lane for a limited time.

Don’t Shop on Empty: The Lincoln Eatery Awaits

Whenever you are ready for a delicious meal or quick snack to keep up shopping power, check out The Lincoln Eatery at meridian Avenue and North Lincoln Lane. The collection of food and beverage offerings include Simply Good Pizza, Cilantro 27, Market Milkshake Bar, Miami Vice Canteen and Sky Yard. With indoor and outdoor seating, you will get a great break from your holiday shopping with a wide range of options to match your cravings.

These are just a few of the top shopping and eatery options along with these popular Miami destinations. Find more as you explore the areas yourself. Keep supporting the community for those small shops that offer great service and incredible wares.