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Start a Business or Just Buy a Business?

When people think of beginning a business, they often imagine building it from ground up. However, aspiring entrepreneurs have options to either start their own business from scratch or buy one that already exists. 

If you have a great business idea and are ready to work hard, then you may wish to start your own business from scratch. But if you have the financial capacity and want to avoid some of the common challenges to starting a business, then buying an existing business may be a better option. Here is an overview of the two different paths you can take:

Starting Your Own Business 

Are you prepared to start a business from scratch? The first step is to define your target audience. If you have no one in mind, then you must be prepared to also build a community that would support your business. The group of people who would patronize your product is more important than the product itself. But that does not necessarily mean that the development of the products you will sell is not important. These could come in the form of a physical object, a service, or even something intangible, like a digital good. 

Determining your target audience, establishing key selling points, and creating brand awareness contribute to the process of launching your own business. Caveats in starting your own business naturally subside when people see how valuable your product or service has been developed. There are several reasons for why starting your own business could be the right choice for you. Do keep in mind that the greatest risk of doing so is investing your time and energy into an idea that has not been validated and has the potential to fail. 

Buying an Existing Business 

The biggest difference in buying a small business rather than starting one yourself is that you have the opportunity to obtain and maneuver a functional well-oiled machine. The previous owner has already thought of a concept, tested the market, and proved its utility. It is a smart move to buy a business when you can add incremental value. Rather than enduring the pain of setting up a business and the cost of growth, you can find something that has a history of performance, which matches your preferences and results in beneficial growth opportunities. Established businesses also have assets that can be leveraged for loans, which gives you a better image for banks.

When you buy an existing business, you acquire all its assets, operations, and reputation. You can even keep the same employees if you prefer. You can buy a floundering business whose owner wants to get out or a thriving business whose owner is simply ready for a life change. 

My Takeaway 

Buying, growing, and selling businesses can be some of the fastest ways of creating wealth. When you buy a business, the financial rewards can begin right after the transaction closes, but this does not guarantee a profit. There must be a follow-through with claims and promises presented alongside the products offered. On the other hand, start-up companies usually go through a painful period where they lose money. As an entrepreneur, you must be patient and diligent. Seek out strategic partners, potential mentors, and people who are interested in helping your business succeed.You can reach out to me via my Facebook Page , Website, or in my Linkedin.