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5 Design Elements Your Business Website Can’t Do Without

Maintaining a strong presence online is a necessity in business today.  You can’t reach the full potential of your business, until you have the worldwide access of the web working for you.  

Your business website is your first line of communication with your digital audience, and the way you set up your design makes all the difference in how well you are received.  

Take a few moments to read through some crucial design elements your website simply cannot do without, and make sure your pages are as perfect as they can be.  

Clear away the clutter

Your business website is best served if people aren’t overwhelmed when they first arrive.  Keep your design clean to avoid confusion.  Filling your homepage with an overload of stimulation will do just that… overstimulate.  

The best way to build a design that works is to keep it simple.  People want an easy to follow design that gets right to the point, so pass on the extra clutter when designing your business website.  

Simple navigation is key

In tandem with keeping your pages clear of clutter, it’s important to keep the movement of your site clean as well.  Simple navigation is a key element of a successful website design. 

The stationary navigation bar is a solid way to go in your design.  Check out the design of this informative page on renewable identification numbers in the fuel industry.  The page shows how clear navigation can give users an easy way to find the knowledge they seek.  

Add communication elements

Every excellent website needs to include several different ways for visiting web users to communicate.  You want to know the thoughts and experiences of your target audience, so you can better serve their needs.  

Go beyond just adding a “Contact” page to your website design, and explore other ways to design for communication.  An email opt-in form or a 24hr chat bot will help users have an open line of communication with your business at all times.  

Design for mobile 

Mobile competence is very important for those looking to create digital content in today’s world.  People use their mobile devices more often than their PCs or laptops to access the internet, so design methods have shifted a bit to cater to the dominant population online. 

Make certain your business website is built to please the needs of mobile users.  Make it easy to view and interact with your pages on a small screen, so users won’t have to pinch and swipe to engage with your content.  

Incorporate the concepts of SEO

Ultimately, you’ll be in good shape if you really know and understand the concepts of search engine optimization.  Understanding SEO will help you create digital content that is easy to find and ranks well in the SERPs (search engine results pages).