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Keep up the security with CCTV Cameras

Security and surveillance is a necessary feature for every residential or commercial complex. Even for parking lots and streets, a CCTV camera is a must. The two prominent advantages of installing a CCTV camera, besides surveillance, is that you are able to record the live feed for later and also a presence of CCTV camera proves to be a deterrent for anti-social elements. Now, with the advent of technology one can find an array of CCTV camera available in the market. From High-Definition to Point-tilt-Zoom camera you can choose any of the available cameras according to your budget and requirements after checking in with your security camera warehouse provider.

Be it Home security camera, Car camera or to the security cameras, if you are looking to buy CCTV cameras the first thing is to know about the various types of CCTV camera available in the market. Once you are aware of the various CCTV camera only then you can go about looking for the right CCTV camera. Here the prominent CCTV cameras available in the market:

Analog Video Security Camera

The Analog camera remains one of the most opted for CCTV camera in the market. You can find many brands offering with top-notch Analog Video Security cameras. An Analog Video security camera requires a Digital Video Recorder for encoding the input and for storage. The cable from the DVR system is connected to the cameras installed. However, in comparison to the HDCVI camera and others, the video quality lacks in resolution and quality.


HDVCI is an acronym for High-Definition Composite Video Interface. As the name suggests, when you install HDVCI camera you have access to the live feed in a High-definition i.e. 720p high definition video, with 1080p resolution video. HDCVI CCTV camera is similar to the Analog Video Security Camera only that you get access to High-Definition live feed. If you are looking for a quality CCTV camera with a crisp video feed then HDVCI CCTV camera is the best solution for you. You can buy HDCVI cameras online and avail best prices on the purchase of branded CCTV Nuneaton cameras.

PTZ Security Cameras

The PTZ camera is based on the Pan-Tilt-Zoom functionality. The camera movements can either be manually controlled or automatically set up to cover the areas. You can even find the PTZ camera with a feature to auto track movements. If you are looking to buy CCTV security cameras for large areas such as Commercial complex, School, and college campus, PTZ camera offers both functionality and performance.

Advantages of CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras have undoubtedly revolutionized the concept of security and surveillance. Today, wherever you go, you can find CCTV cameras at Restaurants, Shops, School, commercial complex etc. At shops, customers know they are being filmed which prevents theft and shop lifting. In presence of a CCTV, camera robbers are sure to think twice if they plan to steal or commit any foul.

The CCTV cameras are tested for stringent quality measures. The security cameras can function seamlessly in some extreme weather conditions and make sure that the security is maintained. You can get some highly-sophisticated features in a CCTV cameras, Today, it’s possible to run the lives feed on your smart phones and has access to the cameras on the go. So go ahead and check out the wide range of security cameras available in the market to keep up the security.