Menu Close CEO, Liu Qiangdong, Streamlines Global Supply Chain with Shopify Partnership

Liu Qiangdong

Liu Qiangdong, CEO and Chairman of, is proud to announce the enterprise’s partnership with the Canadian e-commerce platform, Shopify. The affiliation between the two brands allows Shopify to grow into the Chinese market while offering a simplified process of onboarding US brands to its JD Worldwide platform.

“We are thrilled to work with a company like Shopify to help us build our global e-commerce network,” shared Qiangdong. “This partnership connects our customers with Shopify merchants from around the world and allows JD Worldwide to integrate previously inaccessible timelines for the integration of Western brands into our marketplace.”, which is already China’s largest online retailer, utilizes stringent procedures to provide the country’s population of over 1 billion people with unparalleled access to the highest quality products with prompt fulfillment times. This dedication to customer care has helped the retail leader develop tremendous trust amongst Chinese consumers. This adherence to quality control, combined with national compliance standards, has also slowed down the process of onboarding cross-border brands. The partnership with Spotify accelerates the process.

Before partnering with Shopify, JD Worldwide’s onboarding process for cross-border products took about a year. The collaboration between the two e-commerce brands reduces that wait for Shopify brands to 3-4 weeks. Part of the abridged process is due to the inclusion of automated translation and price conversion tools, along with the addition of direct-to-consumer channels and drop-shipping services offered by JD Worldwide global warehousing.

Aaron Brown, Vice-President of Shopify, said, “Bringing together two world-class commerce platforms – Shopify and – is a major step in solving cross-border commerce for merchants. The future of commerce is commerce everywhere – and that starts by removing barriers to entry to one of the most important e-commerce markets in the world.”

This is the first in a series of strategic moves that and Shopify intend to implement to advance the globalization of e-commerce.


Liu Qiangdong founded, known initially as Jingdong Century Trading Co., in 1998. What started as a small retail space focused on magneto-optical goods quickly grew to a local chain. In 2004, during the height of the SARS epidemic, Qiangdong recognized the necessity of trustworthy and reliable online shopping and introduced the company’s e-commerce platform. It has since grown into the largest online retailer and the most prominent Internet company in China due to its unmatched commitment to providing quality, prompt service to consumers while implementing the latest technology to delight customers – like its use of drones to reduce delivery times and scalable platforms that allow to incorporate the highest quality products from around the world. Get the full experience at