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How To React The Few Weeks After A Car Accident

The time after a car accident can seem like a whirlwind of things to do. You will be thrown out of your current routine at least for a few days if not longer if you are injured. Taking control of the situation is possible if you are proactive about it. 

Below are things you should do the first few weeks after a car accident. 

Seek Medical Attention Immediately 

Seeking medical attention does not mean that you have to be taken away in an ambulance. You can get medical treatment later that day or in the following days. Some injuries don’t truly appear for a few days like that of whiplash. The last thing you want is your injury to come into question due to waiting for medical attention. You might have to wait weeks for a referral appointment but you should document it all. 

Don’t Hesitate To Call An Attorney 

Calling legal representation immediately might not be as easy as it sounds. Filing a claim against an insurance company requires a personal injury law firm. The resources to fight insurance companies mean these firms are not worried about taking cases to trial. Some law firms might not have taken a case to trial for years if at all. You want to be able to have a firm that you trust in your time where you are most vulnerable. 

The right type of accident lawyer matters. You can be hit by a commercial truck which could lead to a different type of case. Finding a trucking accident lawyer can be very important. Lawyers that specialize in these areas have likely worked numerous cases like yours for years. 

Don’t Miss Appointments And Follow-Ups

Appointments, after you are injured, are essential to go to and document. You might be asked to come for a follow-up to check the progress of the injury healing. Physical therapy will be the most important appointment that you have to go to regularly. There are people that still have lingering pain from an injury decades later due to neglecting their physical therapy. There is even virtual therapy that you can do with resistance bands if going to the office daily is not an option. 

Be Careful Of What You Post On Social Media 

Social media can be a weapon used against you in your if you have filed a personal injury claim. You don’t want to be tagged in posts that could be old of you being active. Deactivating your account is something that you need to do. Do not talk about any accident in posts either as this has been used in court as well. Losing a settlement can happen if you signed an NDA and post about it online. 

The few weeks after a car accident are very important to take action in. This can be a time that you feel powerless but take that power back. The process could take quite a while so patience is going to be very important in keeping your spirits high.