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How to Stay in Control of Your Life When Studying at University

Attending university is a big part of life; the experiences that you’ll have there, as well as the knowledge you’ll gain and the people that you meet, will shape your future in ways that you can’t imagine. It’s likely that the education that you gain will open doors for you and help you build the career of your dreams or take you on to far better things than you’d be able to experience without attending a university.

#1 Needing to change universities

There can be various reasons why you might feel that you need to or would be better off changing universities, such as not fitting in with your surroundings, or having a bad experience in your current university. However, before you jump into changing your university, you should do some research into which other universities are right for you and what their requirements are. Some universities make transferring easy as they list the requirements that you’ll need on websites; for example, UC Santa Cruz transfer requirements at

#2 Fitting into your new surroundings

Once you’ve changed your university, you’ll need to fit into your new surroundings and this will take time; after all, you’re going to have to make new friends, and breaking into existing friendship groups can be difficult. This is because members of that group may feel that their friendships are being threatened by your presence. Therefore, it’s really important that you put everyone at ease and take your time to note situations between people and their personalities.

#3 Joining clubs

One easy way to make friends and meet people with a similar mindset to you is to join clubs. Although some may find this a really difficult thing to do as they lack the confidence to go somewhere new on their own, others will find it very easy. If you are the type of person that finds this sort of thing difficult, all you need to remember is that the majority of the people you meet will have also been in your position at one time or another in their lives, so it’s likely that they’ll accept you with open arms.

#4 Gaining confidence

Obviously, this has more to do with your own personal confidence levels than it does with any other aspect and even those that come across as the most confident people around can suffer from a lack of self-esteem or even be doubtful of how other people see them. Confidence can be knocked so very easily, whether it’s from the way that you think about yourself, spiteful comments that you may have heard others say, or even your own social capabilities due to a lack of interaction with others in the last couple of years. It’s important to realize that you’re not alone in any of these circumstances and that there are ways in which you can build up your confidence to help you feel a lot more secure about yourself and your surroundings.