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How To Speed Up Your Android Phone

Modern Android smartphones are very fast. They include a lot of RAM, storage, and very good processors. However, even they end up being slowed down as time passes. This is often because of way too much data appearing with constant use.

Since we are used to smartphones getting slow, we rely on antivirus apps and other maintenance apps. However, there are other tech tips that could help you out a whole lot more. So, if your Android phone runs slower than you are used to, consider the following.

Clean Up The Home Screen

This helps to bring down stutters. Also, when you use live wallpapers that feature widgets for different things, like news and weather, they will slow down the entire phone. This is because the apps constantly update and can easily create lags. Just minimize what you put on your home screen.

Use “Data Saver”

This is an option included in Chrome. It helps you to surf without waiting way too much time since pages are compressed, load faster, and less data is used. While you do sacrifice on video and image quality, you surely appreciate the faster browsing.

Deactivate Auto-Sync

Modern smartphones have this option automatically activated inside Settings. All you have to do is go there and then see the apps that actually need this. Just select apps that you actually want to have updated automatically and turn off auto-sync for the rest.

Do Not Use Task Killer Apps

Task killer apps are advertised as making your phone faster but the truth is that they make it slower for your apps to start. The reason for this is that there are several apps that Android manages better as they are left running in the background. As the task killer is shutting down the app, it takes more time for opening them at a later point. Also, these killer apps do consume more battery.

Overclock The Processor

This is an option you can use even for the lower-end smartphone models like the Google Pixel 4A. However, in order to do this, you need to learn how to root the Android phone. Also, you need to use a suitable overclocking app. If you manage to do this, the entire user interface will be snappier. The only real problem with this is that your battery will drain faster.

Clear Cached Data

Out of all the things you could do, this is definitely the one you need to do very often. You need to clear out all junk files so you can make the smartphone faster. For this, several apps can be used. There are even smartphones that include inbuilt phone managers that have this feature.

Factory Resets

When you tried everything and the smartphone is still slow, you should seriously consider doing a factory reset. This is very useful for most users since it does not require much knowledge. You can find the factory reset option in Settings. Just make sure that you back up the data that you need before the factory reset is initiated.