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How To Make a Pet Comfortable in Your Bachelor Pad

How To Make a Pet Comfortable in Your Bachelor Pad

Ah, the bachelor pad – that wonderful place where you can retreat from the world with a big screen TV, host amazing parties, or just hang out with your buddies. The idea of the bachelor pad is associated with money and a carefree, responsibility free lifestyle – so one thing you might not picture there is a pet. But pretty much everyone wants to have a pet at some point in their lives and those of us who live in a plush bachelor pad are no exception. But, given the types of homes these usually are – it needs a little more consideration to make sure an animal is comfortable than it might do in a normal family home. So here we’ve put together a few tips on how to make a pet comfortable in your bachelor pad.

  1. Make sure they can retreat

Bachelor pads almost by nature are prone to partying, which is great – but not for a cat or a dog who can’t just get themselves a beer and start a conversation with a stranger. If you’re going to be hosting friends and parties, you need to make sure there is a part of your place you’re happy to shut the animal away in so they will be safe and calm, such as your bedroom or any spare room you might have. It’s important to provide for them while they’re there – make sure you place any baskets or litter trays in the room with them so they are still comfortable. Ideally, there will be a shuttable room in your place which already houses your pets amenities – but if not, be sure they’re comfortable in their temporarily restricted location. In fact, if you can it would even be a good idea to install a pet door on a room like this, so they can see out and come out if they want to on their own terms – but make sure it’s lockable, so that you can keep them in there when necessary.

2. Make sure it’s big enough

If you’re going to have an animal in a bachelor pad, especially if it’s in an apartment block with limited square footage and access to the outdoors, you must ensure that the house/flat itself is large enough for the animal to comfortably explore. They don’t like to be confined any more than we do.

3. Make sure you have time for it

The traditional bachelor pad is usually an apartment somewhere in a city. This usually means there is no accessible outside space for an animal to enjoy, so it’s more important than ever for you to make sure you have time for the animal especially if it’s a dog which will need to be walked every day to be happy. If you’re getting an animal just to leave it in the apartment all day – you need to be sure it will be happy as an indoor creature, and doesn’t mind being solitary. If you can’t do all that it’s not time for you to get a pet!

So, these are the best tips for making sure an animal is comfortable in your bachelor pad – if you keep all this in mind you should have a very happy human-pet relationship!