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How to Maintain Your Health During Social Distancing

Scott Dylan

The health of individuals around the world has become a focus unlike ever before due to COVID-19. Social distancing has helped drive virus numbers down when enforced to its full extent. Maintaining your health during this time is all about being proactive and avoiding potentially dangerous situations. The impact that isolation can have on your mental health needs to be mitigated through interaction via technology. The following are tips that will help you maintain your health during social distancing. 

Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Do not pick up the habit of smoking at this time even though vaping doesn’t leave a smell on a person like cigarettes. The use of tobacco long-term can damage the lungs, mouth, esophagus, and even leads to premature wrinkling. Cutting down is easier than ever as you can use a vaporizer to slowly cut your nicotine intake over time. People that are bored due to social distancing have been resorting to drinking on days that they otherwise would not. Excessive alcohol consumption comes with a plethora of health complications when done regularly. 

Don’t Settle For Food Delivery 

Supporting local businesses during this time is important but you shouldn’t rely solely on delivery food options. These options are rarely the most nutritious and those that are might come in huge portions. Food delivery is also going to drive up your food budget monthly which can be a problem due to the loss of jobs that a number of people are dealing with. Food delivery apps do have sections of restaurants that have healthier options if you simply do not want to cook. Meal delivery is also an option for those that want fresh food in decent portions with health being a focus. 

Continue to Exercise

Social distancing has closed gyms around the world which is no excuse to stop exercising. You need to continue to exercise although you might have to be more creative. Going for a long walk is better than nothing especially if you wear a weighted vest or ankle weights. A stationary bike for the home might be all that you need to stay in shape during this time. Sitting on your stationary bike while you watch the morning news or clear your emails can be a constructive usage of your time. 

Don’t Miss Medical Appointments 

There is a fear that going out in public as someone in the older demographic could result in potential death. Missing medical appointments should not be done for any reason as a number of appointments can now be done virtually. Do not miss your North Durham primary care appointments even if you feel healthy, you could have an underlying condition that can be improved. Make sure that you do the appropriate research on the restrictions that a medical practice is putting on patients to reduce the chances to transmit COVID-19. Finally, don’t disregard your mental health in the whole story. Speak to your psychiatrist to make sure you don’t allow the negative thoughts to disrupt you.

Getting healthy during this time can be a great use of your time especially with people having more free time than ever before. Take a proactive approach in order to get the results that you want.