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How to Create the Perfect At-Home Study Space for Your Teenager

How many times have you found yourself having to chase after your teenager to buckle down and make sure they dedicate enough time to their homework and studies? It can be difficult in a normal year, but for those whose teenagers will be taking part in any online classes this coming semester, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, it can cause even more stress in the home as you try to keep them on task and focused on their studies. So, what’s the solution?

A great place to start is by creating a dedicated study and work space for your teenager in the house that not only offers them the space they need, but is welcoming and actually makes them want to spend time in the space. With that in mind, here are some great tips you can use in order to create the perfect at-home study space for your teenager.

Choose the Ideal Location in the House

The first thing you’ll need to decide is where the study space will be located in the home. You’ll need a spot that has enough space to set up the essentials, is free of distractions, and ideally can be closed off from other spaces when needed, e.g. a spare bedroom that allows your teenager to close the door in order to keep noise and distractions at a minimum.

If you don’t have a dedicated room for a study space, consider how you could carve out space in the various rooms of your house by using things such as bookshelves as a temporary wall, or even some decorative screens.

Invest in a Good Quality Laptop or Computer

Where it used to be that all your teenager would need in order to study and do their homework was a textbook and notepad, times have changed and today just about everything is digital. What that means is that your teenager will likely need a reliable laptop or desktop computer for home use. 

Budget wise, they are pretty similarly priced nowadays, but the big difference is the portability factor. With a desktop, it is stationary and will need to stay in one spot, whereas their laptop can be used anywhere in the house and at school.

If you decide to go the route of a laptop, there are a number of factors to be mindful of, but top of the list should be the battery life. If your teenager plans on using it at school and at home, you want to find a laptop that features the longest battery life possible.

An Ergonomic Design Will Make the Space More Comfortable

As you shop for the perfect desk and chair, ergonomics should be a top consideration. What this means is that it is built to be comfortable for their body, encouraging such things as proper posture and position. The more comfortable the work station is to use, the longer they will be able to sit there and focus on their work.

Ample Lighting Needs to Be Provided

Lighting will also need to factor into the design of the study space. Typically, the best lighting is a combination of natural and artificial, but that won’t always be possible. If the space doesn’t offer much natural light, then you will probably need to supplement it with task lighting. Task lighting is handy because it can be directed to a particular spot, such as their computer screen, or desk.

Include a Place to Relax and Give Their Mind a Break

While it’s important that your teenager stays focused on their studies, it’s also important to take regular breaks. This will help their minds stay sharp, keep them energized, and ensure they have a constant flow of creative thoughts. Humans are social beings, and we all love to have regular contact with our friends. Platforms like can help out now that meeting up is hard due to Covid-19 restrictions. If the study space allows, you can also include a relaxation area. The idea is that they can step away from their desk, clear their mind, re-focus, and then get back to work in a more efficient way.

So, what will you need? You’ll want to give them a spot to sit that doesn’t feel like a desk. Take for example these high-end bean bag chairs available through SumoLounge. You can choose from different styles and sizes so you’re sure to find something that fits the space and your teen’s personal tastes.

Keep the Space Neat and Organized with Proper Storage

There is nothing more uninspiring than a messy work space. If your teen’s study space is filled with clutter, it can appear overwhelming and can actually push them away rather than draw them in. So, what’s the best solution? You’ll need to provide them with proper storage space. 

The right kind of storage space may be a mixture of different elements, as it really is dependent on what items they use and need to store. Things such as shelving, draws, bins and file cabinets can all help to keep the clutter at bay.

Another tip is to look into desk organizers that will ensure they always have plenty of workspace. This means a place to store items like pens, pencils, a calculator, highlighters, loose papers, notepads, and so forth.

Don’t Forget to Add a Little Decor

Then we’ve got the final touch, which is the décor. It’s those extra touches, those last-minute décor pieces that will truly make the space unique and call their name. This can include things like fun wall art, posters, a lively color scheme, an area rug to warm up the space, fresh paint on the walls, and other little touches that call to them. You want them to feel comfortable in the space and have it reflect their personality. 

A Space that Encourages Your Teenager to Use It

At the end of the day a study space really needs to do two things – it needs to give them that practical and functional space to get their work done, but it also needs to be interesting and inspiring enough that it encourages your teenager to want to spend time there.