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How the Recent Quarantine is Affecting Lives

COVID-19 is a growing epidemic, and is affecting nearly everyone, on every corner of the globe. Countries around the world are going into lockdown, trying to keep people away from one another as much as possible, to limit the spread of the disease. This is being shown to be quite effective in recent times, but the quarantine is still affecting everyone around the world, in a pretty significant way. Here are some ways the quarantine is still affecting us today.


The lockdown put in place to slow the spread of the “coronavirus,” isn’t just limited to free time. It also affects schools in nearly every country. K-12 schools and colleges alike are already reverting to online schooling, or just shutting down altogether. This makes life extremely complicated for many individuals, and easier for others. But for those of us going to school for hands on professionals, it’s a massive setback.


Another major impact the global quarantine has on us is our income. With so many businesses restricting customers and services, and so many others shutting down for the time being, people are rapidly losing their jobs, or getting significant amounts of hours cut. This makes paying rent and buying groceries extremely stressful, and for some of us, not possible. Most businesses are also on a hiring hold, so getting a temporary job to help buffer the income loss isn’t possible for many people. It’s also worth mentioning that some governments are giving back to employees and businesses who are losing their hours or jobs due to the COVID-19 lockdown, but that in turn hurts not only the government, but businesses who are paying employees even while being locked down. Needless to say, this will more than likely have a long lasting effect on economies around the world, and won’t be easily forgotten.