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How Salim Elhila Rose to Financial Freedom Through E-Learning and Digital Marketing

It is nearly everyone’s dream to achieve financial freedom. Understandably, financial success could mean security, comfort, peace of mind, or even freedom of time. If there’s anything that we can take away from Salim Elhila’s story outlined here, is that achieving financial freedom is possible. It’s about daring to dream, developing your skills and  preparing to take on new opportunities. Read on to see what you can learn from his story.

Meet Salim Elhila, a Mathematical and Statistical Modeling Engineer, turned digital expert. At just 26 years of age, Salim has reached more than 300 thousand customers around the world with his many different businesses. He has also helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create successful online businesses. Salim has found success by going full force after what he believes in and taking control of his destiny. But how did he do it, and how can you too?

Change is self-driven

Salim believes that people change for two reasons: either from inspiration or despair. For him, change came from a point of despair. For Salim, much of his youth was spent in front of his computer. He knew he had to do something to become more confident with himself. He decided to take 100% ownership of his life. Taking the route of self-improvement has enabled him to crush his limitations and beliefs, to take on any challenge in life. It is the reason he has taken on entrepreneurship. Salim continues to steer into new heights with boldness. He successfully sold products online and now teaches people how create successful online businesses. His story also shows that he grew from strength to strength. With determination, you can do so as well. 

Desire to do more 

A nine-to-five job abroad allowed Salim a fabulous lifestyle, but he was limited. Salim knew he wanted to do more. He quit his job and set out to start entrepreneurship in the e-commerce industry. After creating multiple successful e-commerce businesses, Salim realized that there was an opportunity waiting to be achieved. Salim changed his business to have a human aspect and create significant impacts. He wanted to help others grow; he desired to help them achieve quantum leaps and break their limiting beliefs, much like he did himself. To live out his passion, Salim created a mentoring program for entrepreneurs. In as little as four weeks, Salim could take a perfect beginner to making more than 1k euros per day! This experience in online education eventually led him to later create Learning Master, which he co-founded with his business partner Djibril Mara. Salim aspired for greater and used all the digital marketing, business knowledge and experiences to help others create their online coaching, consulting, and service businesses. You too, can aim higher and put in the work needed to get there. Don’t sell yourself short.

Developing knowledge and skills

It is interesting to see how Salim, who came from an engineering background, became a master in digital marketing and e-learning. Much like Salim, if you are diligent and determined, you can create the skills you need for success. In his early twenties, Salim dived into the world of self-help. He read books, attended conferences, and met with people who were also looking for self-empowerment. He says, “Life is like a video game; intelligence, strength, and abilities are your stats. The beautiful thing about life is that you can improve the stats by working on yourself, exploring, learning, and discovering new skills.” Salim has been able to venture into territories where he had no background. With willingness to try new things, he has emerged victorious.

Helping others

They say the quickest way to attain success is to help others first. While this kind of thinking may be foreign to cultures that see the business world as a giant competition, success is not about winning as the other loses. Salim put others first. And the results speak for themselves. He’s on a mission to empower others to achieve success in the digital learning space. He came from selling physical products to sharing knowledge. Sure enough, by helping others succeed, Salim is thriving in his unique way. Try it out…this could be exactly the change you need to find success for yourself. Success is meant for those who take bold steps to chase their dreams. While there are always challenges along the way, it is how we approach obstacles that determine whether we win. Change comes from within. It is important to take the necessary steps to improve ourselves each day. Life is not a competition. It is about doing what you know and believe is good. Learn more about Salim’s work here.