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Here’s Why Aluminum Windows are the Best Choice for Your New Home

So, here’s the thing – you have a new home building project, and of course, your new home needs new windows, but you’re torn between wood, vinyl, steel and aluminium. You need security and efficiency, but you also want an equilibrium between style and trend. 

What to do?

There is wood, and the bulk and maintenance that comes with it, and vinyl and steel… we guess there’s that too. And aluminium; which is not only affordable but sleek and durable with low maintenance. You can add efficiency during installation – double glazing glass gives you the additional thermal protection you need – and that solves your problem.

Aluminium box section windows are increasingly becoming a material of choice for stylish homeowners and house designers. Gone are the days where you’d have to stick to wood, steel, and aluminium sheet finishes and all that comes with it. Why, with its sleek, stylish and versatile nature, aluminium windows bring to a new and existing home, a certain luxurious appeal – what’s there not to love?

Undoubtedly, most contemporary homes are now more window than wall, making it all the more important to consider certain factors when finishing your home-building project.

Your choice of windows on any project will ultimately affect the general look and appearance of the property, which also has a ripple effect on the style and its interaction with the interior and exterior and other parts of the home.

Some aluminium window frames are much slimmer than uPVC, which is perfect for a clean minimalist design, popular in modern homes. Regardless of their slim frames, they are durable enough to hold large panes of glass, comfortably.

Not to worry, below are different types of aluminium windows that will fit your highest expectations in design and functionality. 

Bifold Windows are perfect if you want to catch the summer breeze, receive maximum sunlight and focus on panoramic views, especially out of a kitchen. They open to the side and are great for large openings. They come in a variety of stylish colours; you can find colours that suit your tastes on

Awnings and Casements are suitable for a clear view of the outdoors. Awning windows push out from the bottom, and Casement windows open up from the side. They can be opened partially during rain and are useful for making floor-to-ceiling glass panels and provide passive ventilation. 

Roof Windows are ideally used to maximize the amount of light from the sky that filters into the house. It also gives additional ventilation with provisional openings and some rain protection. They come in various sizes; fixed and partially-opening alternatives, no matter the height and slope of your roof!

Sliding Windows are excellent for the homeowners with a space-constrained home design. They slide open – horizontally or vertically. To save space, it always overlaps with another fixed or sliding window, thus, limiting intrusion into the area in which it is situated.

Benefits of Having Aluminum Windows Fixed in Your Home

Aluminium windows can be designed in a lot of ways to fit your preferences. It can be fitted on every window and can provide sufficient thermal protection when the glasses are double glazed. Double glazed window glasses protect your furniture and curtains from fading, by keeping UV rays out of the rooms. It also has great insulator properties that keep both hot and cold air from entering inside the home, thereby saving you future expenses on heating and cooling bills, once they’re installed.

Another reason to opt for aluminium windows is its affordability. They can be significantly cheaper to have it installed on your property than other window frames.

It is resistant to weather conditions that might cause it to rot or warp as a result; and has great longevity of up to 30 years. Aluminium has a high strength to weight ratio, which makes it harder to leave a scratch on.

While it is also durable, aluminium windows have the added advantage of the ease to maintain. Different finishes, of course, require more care than others, but ultimately, a simple cleaning of the glass and frame every 3 months can help remove dirt and keep the windows looking neat.

Furthermore, aluminium joinery is versatile enough to be adjusted to fit your specific design preference, while still retaining its known high durability levels. 

If you are one with love for the environment, then aluminium windows are just what you need for your home – It is recyclable and non-toxic. Recycling aluminium requires about 5% of the original energy used to create it.

Aluminium can withstand any climate. So, if your new home is in an area of constantly changing weather and severe storms, these windows will provide you security and stand up to harsh elements that can affect the interior as well as the exterior of your new home.

Aluminium Windows and Other Window Frames

Put side by side with uPVC windows, aluminium windows are a much better choice, especially when it comes to lifespan and durability. This will compensate for the higher initial cost of getting aluminium windows mounted. 

Of course, the same is true when you compare it with wood windows that are prone to expanding. warping and contracting as the weather changes; which could be a lot worse if the window frame is soaked due to the seal being damaged – you may have to get a replacement, which definitely does not come cheap.

When it comes to steel, the cost is sky high – making aluminium steel replacement windows, a relatively cheaper alternative, and within the budget of most new homeowners. 

Adding to this, aluminum windows are eco friendly and can make the style more versatile.


Using aluminum joinery as finishing in your home is a perfect investment. It exudes an air of luxury and makes a major difference in the style, interior design and general aesthetics of a home. Once installed, you can’t but help notice the sleek, luxurious appeal that comes with it. What’s more, they save you money, making it the best choice for finishing your new home.