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Dine, Drink & Dance: Creating Iconic Experiences With Nathan Harris

In today’s business, having fun and pleasure has become an essential element in the business strategies for most successful companies. It is becoming a common phenomenon that is driving results for entrepreneurs. Nathan Harris Is Leaning towards creating new culture inside and outside of the workplace. And guess what? Dining, drinking, and dancing are one of the strategies that he leverages to achieve his goal. 

About Nathan Harris

Nathan owns two bars located right outside of the Milwaukee Buck’s new Fiserv Forum next to the Deer District. One of them is Uncle Bucks. This place is where you can dine, drink and dance at the gateway of the Fiserv Forums famous Deer District. Here an energetic and fun Northwoods meets a hip east coast theme, with featured prize Buck trophies from local hunters throughout Wisconsin. Red Star is the second bar. It is a place where your nightlife is exciting on downtown Milwaukee’s most visible all-season rooftop. It offers a cozy gas-fired bar top for 25 people to sit around and enjoy  their craft cocktails and the city’s best DJs within the second-floor lounge.

Besides being a restaurateur, Nathan is a technology founder with a combined experience of over a decade in building timeless and award-winning brands. Some of his works in the technology space have focussed on creating products that improve organizational efficiency by providing a predictive talent management system that gives organizations access to a tailored and screened pool of highly skilled talent. 

Why Dine, Drink & Dance?

Nathan wanted to bring people together inside and outside of the workplace in an organic way. That is why he created his restaurants and bars. Their spaces feature incredible decor and breath-taking rooftop views, as well as a sports lounge. Also, Nathan boasts of the city’s best high-end pub fare, focusing on sporting events and nightlife. And if you did not know, Uncle Bucks is an excellent place to get lost and a great place to be found. 

At Uncle Bucks, different food choices are offered. From a selection of chili honey glazed pork, pork tacos, pork nachos to fried cheese curds, homemade saucers, brussels sprouts, and more. You will enjoy different tastes of sandwiches and burgers and larger plates as well as salads such as grilled salmon and spring sirloin. 

You will also enjoy different tastes of soft drinks and other drinks every day of the week. Specials are also served on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Additionally, you will enjoy their services at private parties and events with top professional catering services. 

Why Nathan Harris Is Your #1 Choice Restaurateur

Tasty Foods

Nathan restaurants offer a range of tasty, appetizing, scrumptious, yummy, luscious, and delectable, mouth-watering meals. Their food is well prepared.

Range Of Beverages

Nathan has a good range of beverages of different tastes. They also stock prevalent wines, spirits, cordials, and beers. The quality that he offers in his restaurants and bars is top-notch. 

Good Service

Nathan Harris’s services are always professional. His staff are efficient and advise customers on their choices. 

Hospitable Atmosphere

You cannot drink, dine and dance in an unpleasant environment. That is why Nathan provides the most suitable environment to the people he serves to attain maximum fun. 

Convenient Location

If you check how Nathan restaurants are situated, you will appreciate what a convenient location looks like. Suitable is the word. 

Culinary Expertise

Nathan’s management, staff, and chefs are all chosen for their culinary skills and inventiveness. 

Hygiene & Cleanliness

No one ever wants to drink, dine and dance with the flies or in a dirty place. Nathan’s entire facility is kept spotlessly clean. 

Management Skills

The management in Nathan’s restaurants and bars are well trained. They understand everything from food preparation to labor costs and books of accounts. 

Overall Experience

Nathan’s goal is to provide clients with an overall excellent experience. 

Reasonable Costs

If you checked the prices at the dinner tables for restaurants that belong to Nathan, you would realize one thing. The cost is affordable. 

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