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Create a LinkedIn Profile That Works For YOU!

There are few marketers and entrepreneurs in the world who can find success without a verifiable online web presence. The internet itself, as well as the Internet of Things, is fundamentally working to change and transform the world we live in and share. This means that not only are we becoming increasingly connected via the web, but our businesses and aspirations are, as well!

In today’s conversation on digital entrepreneurship in the 2020s, we are going to underscore a few key ways to create a better web presence by starting with your LinkedIn business page.

Build a Better LinkedIn Page

According to a report published in early January of 2021, more than 660 million members currently are registered on the LinkedIn platform across 200 countries around the globe. While LinkedIn may not be ground zero for the social media world, it very much sets the tone for business-related social media development.

Even though LinkedIn is not a new platform, the business-to-business website has developed into a prosperous place to plant seeds for future harvest in the entrepreneurial world. Let’s look at how your business can get started the right way by developing a LinkedIn profile that works for YOU.

1) Set the Stage for Your Audience

Understand what LinkedIn is by underscoring what you are trying to accomplish. LinkedIn is all about selling yourself not just to potential customers, but also to others within your industry. What we first need to do with our LinkedIn profile is to set the stage with an introduction that covers our business, our mission statement, and who we are personally.

Take some time to develop a mission statement and the voice that you want to use to share it with the world. When you understand who YOU are, you can set the stage properly for maximum effectiveness. You can take a look at this LinkedIn profile for an example of what we mean!

2) Get Ready to Spread Endorsements

LinkedIn is about networking and networking is about connecting with entrepreneurs and businesses that match your vision. Make sure to use the Endorsements section of the LinkedIn website to endorse those that you have worked with. By spreading the love, you’ll also see your network connections return it right back on your profile.

Endorsements aren’t everything, but they are a significant portion of what makes LinkedIn such a successful platform for business development.

3) Curate an Engaging and Professional LinkedIn Feed

More than just a place to host your profile and professional portfolio, LinkedIn also has an active social media feed where entrepreneurs and businesses can connect, share insights, and socialize. Use this platform as an opportunity to share engaging business-related content with your feed.

The more you engage with your audience, even from a business-to-business perspective, the better off you will be. Engaging content should include text, video, and imagery. Make sure to rotate your content and to get into a steady publishing habit.

LinkedIn isn’t the only online platform businesses need, but it is one of the best places to start!