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Avoid These Interior Design Errors

One of the most common mistakes made by interior designers is to make use of too much furniture. They also make use of too many colors or all the same finishes. If you want to create a modern look, avoid this mistake. Instead, consider using only a single color or a group of similar colors. In addition to that, consider how you can best place your furniture and where you put your art.

Art placement

It’s no secret that framed art makes or breaks a room. The right sized piece can be the talk of the town. However, making the right choice isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks to guide you through the process. One tip is to make sure the artwork is centered on a table. Another tip is to hang the artwork at a symmetrical height. This will prevent a potential tripping hazard. Finally, always take note of the wall’s surface texture. Depending on the artwork, a coat of paint may be in order.

Choosing the right art for your home is not always as simple as it sounds. Here are a few tips to help ensure you make the right choice for you and your family.

Rug size

Choosing the wrong size rug can make your room look off-scale and unfinished. If you have been hesitant about buying a rug, consider how it will affect the look of your room.

Rugs are a great way to add color, texture, and pattern to a room. They can also protect a high traffic area or show off hardwood floors. But choosing the wrong size can be one of the biggest interior design mistakes.

The first rule is to buy a rug that is big enough to accommodate all of the furniture in the room. That means you should pick a rug that is at least six inches wider than your couch.

Too much furniture

When you are decorating a room, you want it to be as spacious as possible. If you have too much furniture, you might find yourself constantly trying to turn sideways to get around the room. You might also have trouble opening doors, drawers, and closets. Often, rooms can be arranged in such a way that the furniture is distributed evenly throughout the space. The furniture should not feel cramped, though.

Interior designers, such as Garth Oldershaw of BCV Architecture + Interiors, are often able to notice a problem with the amount of furniture that you have in your living room. There needs to be an even balance, especially in the direction of the windows. This can be achieved by pairing two couches with a pair of chairs, or by placing a buffet and dresser on one side of the couch.

Remember that interior design is all about the choices that you make. There are countless options available right now and you have access to countless interesting information sources to consider. You can learn a lot from an interior design blog and from social media. Take inspiration from wherever you can.