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Adapting to 2020 Workplace Trends: A Guide

2020 has seen a number of challenges to companies that has changed the face of the workplace permanently. Factors such as the coronavirus pandemic and the economic decline mean that businesses are fighting to adapt to a new way of life. To make sure that your business can keep up with the ‘new normal’, here are some of the trends that you will have to face in late 2020.

Working From Home

The number of employees working from home has drastically increased since the beginning of 2020, and many firms are considering remote working as a viable solution for the foreseeable future, rather than heading back to the office as soon as possible. Working from home is also a cheaper option for businesses. 

However, some leaders are concerned about their ability to maintain the IT infrastructure needed to help their employees work from their home offices. To make sure your workplace can succeed either in the office or at home, you should consider employing an IT support service that can keep your tech running smoothly.

Increased Tech Usage 

Technology has now become an integral part of the workplace, and it is here to stay. For instance, many companies are now considering blending their human workforce with artificial intelligence alternatives. To make sure you can keep up with the changing tech trends, you should read industry journals that detail the latest and best software and gadgets for your office. You should also train your employees to be able to understand and use new equipment to the best of their abilities. 

Tracking Employee Performance

More business owners are becoming concerned with the ability of their workforce to stay productive. Where previously, employers once had to rely on references and trust to make sure their employees were working at their maximum potential, now business leaders can track employee performance through a number of different metrics. For instance, you may be able to collect and analyze data on the number of tasks that your employees perform, their response times, and the number of errors that they make.

Changes to Office Layouts

The events of 2020 have made previously popular office layouts look behind their times, with hot-desking and open-plan offices raising both health and productivity concerns. Many companies are now looking for ways they can change their office layouts to make them safe for a return to work. For instance, many businesses are now looking at creating private or cubicle offices where employees can work independently of others, while others are looking at flexible working spaces that can be adapted to the needs of the employees in question. 

Outsourcing Workers

Outsourcing has become a popular feature of many business plans in 2020 as owners try to find cheaper ways of conducting business. While some are outsourcing their workload on a global level by employing people in other countries, others have decided to opt for the freelancer route. Employing freelancers allows businesses to adapt to changing workloads by enabling them to hire individuals for short-term or flexible projects. To find freelancers, you should look on online job boards such as Freelancer. These allow you to contact suitable people for your vacancies.