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A Tourist’s Guide to Yangon: All you Need to Know

Ever since 2012, Myanmar has opened its doors to foreign tourists, with government policies that recognised the huge economic potential that tourism offers, and if you are planning to tour Myanmar, Yangon makes for the perfect base.

The Cool Season

The best time to visit Yangon is from November to February, which is the cool season, while March and April have the highest temperatures, sometimes above 40C. From May to October is the rainy season, which can make things difficult. One of the best hotels in Yangon can be found at, which makes for the perfect base for your adventure. You can enjoy luxurious 5-star accommodation, while the hotel also arranges local day trip tours, which you can join, and in the evenings, you can enjoy fine dining in luxurious surroundings and talk about the amazing experiences of that day.

New US Dollars

Myanmar seems to be very fussy when exchanging foreign currency, and they prefer the U$ and you should get new notes from the bank, as most businesses in Yangon only accept the US dollar that is in pristine condition. The $50 and $100 bills get a slightly higher rate, and, of course, you can charge to your card, or withdraw local currency via an ATM. If you fancy a luxury cruise in Southeast Asia, here is an informative article.

Early Mornings

If you are an early bird, you’ll fit right in, as the locals are up just before dawn, as is with many hot countries, and you can enjoy Burmese tea at a roadside café and watch the locals go about their daily routines. The cool weather in the early morning makes it ideal for walking around, and there are some stunning parks in Yangon, so do pack a good pair of hiking boots if you have them.

Circle Line Train

The three-and-a-half-hour journey only costs a few dollars, which circles around the outside of the city, and if you sit in one of the ‘open’ carriages, you’ll get a great view. This is a great way to cool down and you see something different each time you ride on the Circle Line Train, meeting local vendors and other tourists.

Do Some Online Research

You can learn so much about Myanmar with a few hours of online research, and it will help you to fully appreciate your stay in this unique country. As you may know, Myanmar was once colonised by the British, which is reflected in many aspects of their culture, and its former name was Burma, which has a very long and colourful history.

Learn the Local Language

As with every country in the world, the locals warm to foreigners who make an effort to speak their language, and again, you can find great online resources to learn the basics of the Burmese language and that will help you enormously while you are in Myanmar. Here is some Myanmar government information on tourism, which is a must-read for tourists planning to visit Yangon.

Once you have made your mind up to take your next holiday in Myanmar, search for a 5-star luxury hotel and make your booking, as Yangon is a very popular holiday destination, especially in the cool season.